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6 secret ways to get targeted traffic to your blog

I had some videos about getting traffic to your blogs. There are a few things that are the same for those who have watched them. Here are the videos if you want to check them out if you haven’t got a chance to see that post.

  1. Blog Commenting is one that I mentioned in the videos. And this is a good one. If you follow blogs within your same niche try to be one of the first to comment. The first comments are usually the ones that stay on top of the comments. That means when others are scrolling down they will see your comment at the end of the post. Always be respectful do not spam your blog all over or links all over the blog owners will delete them. I promise that.

Always try to leave a long, though-out comment. More people will see you as an expert in your niche. Don’t leave a short comment saying “great post” and then leave your link. That too will get deleted. Sounds like a bot. Think how you would like to see someone comment on your blog with their blog link. Would you want them to ask first? Some want that and no matter how respectful you leave a comment. They can still delete your link. Sometimes it is better to ask. Most of us blog owners understand leaving your link. Still, a few out there that like to be asked first.

faqfox screenshot

2. Faqfox. Have you heard of this site? It helps you find out what your targeted traffic is asking. When you know what kind of questions they are asking you can make your blog post around that topic. Then they will come to your post for the answer to their questions. Let me explain a bit how to use faqfox. First, go to google and what your niche is, find forums for your niche. If you are into the poetry niche. Type in poetry forums. The screenshot shows where you need to put a couple of forums. So you can comb through them and find the questions you’re looking for. Well, faqfox does that for you. Then your targeted traffic will go to your blog to find the answers to their questions.
3. Quoting experts can sometimes produce some great results. A lot of them expect to know they are being quoted, so once you tell them. They can tell their audience that they are were talked about in this blog post. That will bring in that targeted traffic from the expert you had quoted.
4. Guest Posting is a major one. This can bring in a lot of targeted traffic if you guest post on a blog of your same niche. If the other blog has a few thousand visitors a day. Then you can bring them few thousand to your blog. You must give the best post possible. Make sure you are writing like an expert in your niche. Then they will want to come to your blog and see what else you have written. There is a huge possibility that you will get denied for guest posting. It is very hard to get accepted so keep trying until you find that one or two or three that will accept you.

podcast Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

5. Podcasting is like guest posting. Easy way to get your blog name out there and known. If you go on podcasts that are in your same niche, then that will bring the targeted audience back to your blog.
6. Last but not least at all. This is the most important of them all. I have been talking about this in a few posts already. SEO. The more you use keywords( the words your audience is searching for). That will bring them to your post because you are posting what they are searching for. Use these keywords in meta title and meta description. Use the keyword in the front of your headline. If traffic is your keyword. Try to use that at the beginning of your title to help with SEO. I did not in this case, meaning it could hurt my SEO. I use a site to help with better headlines. It usually works pretty well. It does not give me an SEO score though so for that I have to try my best when I can. I had mentioned it before but here is the site I use if you missed it before. Sharethrough. I have been using it for quite a while now and it has helped me a lot. It is free. Gives me the quality of my headline, engagement, and impression. Think all of them will help me have a good headline. That is my list of 6 ways to get targeted traffic. Don’t forget to check out the videos which I reposted and here is the link for that. The videos have more than what I explained here and a lot also bring targeted traffic too. We have another great Live coming up on Facebook.
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Seo 30 Day Challenge

I have a e-book for you to download if you would like. No you do not need to leave your email address for this. Just click the link and download. I will be also doing the challenge. I have not been through the whole thing so I there are any parts that can not be done because maybe there is a cost to do something than we all have to maybe skip that part or pay for it if you would like. Not asking any one to pay for anything they can’t. I also will be doing it without paying to see what all can be done for free with this challenge.


In 30 days I will see how far some have gotten if you chose to take part in this challenge. This is a 30 day planner but I am making it a challenge to see how far any have gotten and how much it has helped like it says it should. The name of the e-book is called How to increase your traffic with SEO in 30 days. So just curious how this helps. This is only going to benefit you if you do try to take the challenge so please join in because I only want to help you make money. If you increase your traffic than it will bring in more money to your blogs with the more people that see the ads on your blog. If you are trying to drive traffic to a affiliate link or any type of link in general, this will also help. It does not matter what your trying to do this should help to bring traffic to any thing you are trying to bring traffic to. I already had done the first part to get on the site and it does cost for the site, but there are some things that you can do on the site that are free. So check it out and just move on from things that you can not do if it is something you can’t afford or just don’t want to pay for at this time. Ok enough of my gibber-jabbering here is the link.

Just so I know if any of you will be participating please leave me a comment below so I know who has joined in on the challenge with me. Have a great day or night. I will put out longer posts. Been working on some packing so things been a little tight around here to get any research done. Will get a decent post out soon, Thanks, stay safe.

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4 sites to get traffic to your blog and make a lot of money from ads

We are all looking to build our blogs and make money with the traffic that comes. Sometimes it is not easy to get traffic. Harder yet to get targeted traffic. I have 4 sites that can bring in traffic for you. If you find ones with your niche, you can bring targeted traffic to your site. I will explain as we go on.

  • Onlywire is a paid service. It does post to 20+ social media sites from a browser extension. You can schedule posts, automated posts, and analytics. Which will increase your blog traffic and your social media following. They have a cheap one for 9 dollars a month which is limited. It would be enough for any small to medium business though in my opinion. Then they have the next step up from 9 dollars to 99 dollars. Big increase. All they show are these two that you can buy. The 9 dollars one has 1000 posts a month and to me, that would be plenty for any small to medium-size business. The 99 dollar one is all unlimited and that to me would be for a very large company. Spreading 1000 posts to all your social media which finding 50 places to post is a little hard. To me that 9 dollar one is perfect. If you feel you would like to or need to buy the more pricey one then please go for what your business needs. I am stating my opinion.
  • Blogengage is a forum from the looks of it so it should be free. I have yet to come across a forum that costs money. I am sure they are out there though. I don’t go on them enough to see if there are any that to cost money. These are like any other forum, where you post what you want, and bring in the traffic to where you want it. All forums do have rules so make sure you read each site because they are all different. Most will let you drive traffic to an area that is what a lot are for. Show people things you like and they go to what you post to see what you sharing. If you don’t know about forums. These are what I was talking about with the targeted traffic. There are so many different types of forums out on the internet, one for every niche and more. Search forums in your niche and sign up for each one that you can find. There you go, targeted traffic to your blog or site. It is as simple as that.
  • Scoop.it has a limited free plan. It will publish curated content for a targeted audience. It also can generate customized newsletters for Mailchimp or any other email solution. store and share content. They also have resources you can download. E-books like SEO, ROI, or RIP, the complete content marketing handbook. Scoop.it has been on Forbes, Mashable, Fast company, and more.
  • bokube is another forum site from the looks of it. You know from reading the one above always read the rules. The more you know the more you read, the easier it is to know what to post. If you post the wrong thing, they can ban you from the forum. So keep up with the rules and you will bring in a lot of traffic.

I had gotten all these from a chrome extension and I wish I had not taken it off. This was some valuable information here and could have been more. I just did not use it a lot. If you want to find it, I remember it was traffic tools. It was in a form of a checklist. That is all I remember about it sorry.

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Come join me on medium

Medium Daily reads

What you put in for your interests that will be in your daily reads like shown here. All tailored to what you want to see and read. If you want to read stories that are not all about money. About the night someone tried to have us kill them. True story too. Then go over to medium and check it out. I am working on my addiction story. Will be putting out one about the night a man broke into our house.

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Can make a reading list for things you want to read later. Some are short and just don’t have time to read them then so make a list of what you like. Super easy.

My stories on medium

I put a few blog posts over there too just for some who don’t or can’t find their way over to my blog. I don’t put a lot of posts there just a few. Come check it out might find some other stories you might like besides mine.

7 free online tools I use to make the best eye-catching blog posts

Besides the tools I have on the page of online tools I have a few others that I use a lot that I think could really benefit you all. No matter what you do if its a site or pins or selling stuff these 7 free online tools can help for almost any online thing you do. Some maybe on that page and some are not. Not everyone has seen that page so I will link that page also. Here is the page of tools

  1. Sharethrough Headline analyzer : this is pretty much what it says. Only thing I don’t like is that it does not have SEO score. There are others that have that on their site but I just like all this has to offer and I usually have been getting traffic from google, yahoo and even seen bing too. So I do believe it does a pretty good job with my headlines. If you have a different one that you use. Let me know in the comments below.
  2. Hemingway Editor is the next one and I just love how it tells you how easy it is to understand what you wrote. Shows if your sentence is hard to understand. If you are using to many passive words and so much more. Really helps so you can write so everyone can understand what your writing, not just college graduates. Got to remember not everyone has that high of a reading level.


3. Instantadpower is a email exchange site if that’s what it is called. I can email 1000 people on this site and I get at least a 80% return with in the next few days after I email. I have the free account and if you really want to jump start your site faster you may need to upgrade. The free account only allows you to email every 5 days. You have to read emails to earn points and them points turn into the points you use to email. Really don’t have to read them just click for the points, wait for the timer to run out and collect your points. It’s that simple.

4. Sqribble is the next one. It helps make a ebook super fast. Make graphs quick. If you want to just go earn a new Iphone 12 pro head over to clickbank and find sqribble. Each month the owner has been giving away something new for sales. I wont go into this a whole lot. Click the link and read the whole page and review I have on it. I had purchased it. I love it super happy I bought it.

5. Tailwindapp is the next app. I couldn’t live without this app. I have boosted my traffic so much with this app. I had been able to schedule so many pins with this app and it has brought in so much traffic. I have seen the other creators talk about it and I finally tried and super glad I did it. Right now I have a free month for you .

6. Canva this is the most awesome app to help make them pins for tailwind. You can make any social media post and so much more. Infographics, logos, the list goes on. Know this is one you wouldn’t be able to live without once you give it a try also. I even had to add this to my phone and computer. Even can make blog banners and graphics. I don’t think there is nothing this app can’t do. lol

7. Seoclerks is a freelance site that can help us bloggers or business managers in so many ways. The prices are nothing like the ones you would encounter on the bigger sites. I paid two dollars to have a guy send a pdf to I think it was 20 different places. I did tip because that was a super low price and not sure how someone could live off that. But it is a great site and you can find all different kinds of help on this site. There are some that charge big prices like the other sites so if you want to do freelance work this would be an ok site for that also.

I added my site to the directory on entireweb and only a couple weeks and I am seeing how it has already brought me traffic. Just seen it in my list and surprised me. Go ahead check it out if you like. Has seo tools and so much more. It is a really neat site and has paid submission to which that is what I will be investing in next. Check it out here

So thats all for today. Hope this tools will help you out with your posts as much as they all help me out. I use almost all of these with each and every one of my posts. I make pins with canva after my post and use tailwind to schedule the pins. All works out great. Thanks have yourself a great day or night and please get that vaccine so we can end this BS and get back to normal. Till then… stay safe.

Making money with affiliate marketing can bring in money every day

Today I want to discuss something I kind of only brushed a bit on in past blogs. Want to go into more detail for those who are unsure where to start and what to do once you get to one of the sites to sign up.

There are a lot of different sites that you can go to for affiliate marketing. Some are high ticket like what the webinar recently was about. Then there are some you can make a few dollars from each sale or a few hundred from each sale. It all depends on what you pick to promote. Today I will focus on one site, the other sites will be the same for signing up and finding an item to promote.
Let’s first look at a few of the sites you can go to and chose where you would like to pick the item you want to promote. I will name a few, so remember there is more than what is here in this list. Google the sites and you will find more sites.

  • Clickbank
  • Digistore24
  • Cj affiliate
  • Shareasale
  • GetResponse
  • SEMRush
  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit

This is a handful of all the different affiliate programs out there. So many different sites you go on nowadays have an affiliate program. If you buy a lot from a site that you love a lot. Take a look-see if they have an affiliate program. Make some money from what you love. The more you know about an item, the better you can leave a review and your following will believe it more. The more they believe what you are saying, the more they will be willing to buy what you’re trying to promote.

Let us look into Clickbank and get a start on setting up an account and getting an item to promote. Let’s start making you money from your first affiliate program. You want to first sign up for an account. Make sure when you do sign up, you put in all your real details. If you do not, you won’t be getting paid when the item you promoting does sell. So make sure everything you put in your account is real details. Your real bank account. After you sign up get to know the site a little bit and look at the menu and see where each place will take you to the site. The main place you want to go on is the marketplace. This is where you are going to find all the items to promote. The most profitable niches are.

  • Health and fitness
  • Wealth and finance
  • Love and dating
  • Happiness and self-help
  • pets

Once you pick out what category you want to pick your product from. Search for ones with high gravity. Once you find something you like click promote. Once you click that some have email swipes, banners. They do say if they have affiliate tools and extra links. Look at all the little tool items under all the numbers. There are plenty of videos that can show you in more detail if you do not fully understand.

Once you get your link you can make pins with Canva. This is just like promoting your website or blog. The more traffic you get to that link. The more people you can get to see that link, the more potential you have to make money. People will buy. Every day people are still buying items online and you just may have what they are looking for. Just don’t give up. It does take time and have to get it in front of the right people.

Go to a blog or Facebook group and no don’t share your link be nice and ask if anyone looking for this type of thing. Or you have something that could change their lives. Then in a private message give the link or link to your site with your item reviewed on a page on your site. The more you get that link seen the more you will make. The money is on the list. That is a very true statement. You will have the most luck to send it to your email list. The ones on your list are already targeted, buyers. If your item is the same as your blog niche then your list will buy. Hope that makes sense.

I have not made a lot I want to be honest. I also have not been promoting a lot. My money comes from many places. Affiliate marketing has made me some. It has been enough to help with my bills. I know once I want to make more I know just what I need to do. Promote, promote, promote. In Conclusion: The money you can make is endless. It all depends on you and how much you can promote your link or how many in your list. Remember to use your real name and real bank account to get paid from Clickbank, or any other affiliate site. Hope this little bit gets you started if you were afraid. It is easy and just does just what you do with your site or blog, Promote. That’s all for today hope you have a great day or night.