Keyword Research, If done right your blog can grow everyday

What is keyword research? How can it help your blog? As I explained a little in seo, it is the main word used in your blog post, or the marketing your using in a item your selling. The dictionary explains keyword as a word or a concept of great significance. That word or word would be what your post is about. Using it in your title and in your post helps because that word would be what your readers are looking for. They would search google for this keyword, your post would pop up. In turn you will get organic traffic (free traffic) from this keyword.To do keyword research right you need to first have an idea of what you want your post to be about. Think of a few ideas if possible because the better the keyword, the more traffic you can bring in. So go through each keyword and see which one does better when you put it in tools to help with keyword research. I am getting my info today from wpbeginner. I’m not sure if you read it but it has a lot on their blog to help wordpress beginners. Wpbeginner helps anywhere from setting up your wordpress blog to getting traffic. Take a look when you can. I’m taking little snippets from the site and if you want to read it in full detail go wpbeginner.comWpbeginner says that you can achieve the following from using keyword research.

  • find the popular keywords your users are looking for
  • find content ideas that are easy to rank for and has a large search volume
  • find out what your competitors are doing and do better then what they are doing.
  • get more search traffic and grow your readers with each new post

You can read in more detail at Let’s look into some online tools that can help you do your keyword search.

  • answer the public this is a new one to me. Have you heard of this one before? It is a free visual keyword research and content idea tool.
  • Ahrefs I have used this one before has a lot to offer content creators. Check it out if you have not.
  • SEMRush is the last one on this list. WP beginner says this is the best. Do you think it’s the best? I do like it a lot just not sure if I would say the best. Ahrefs is very good also in my opinion.

You can enter your own URL to one of the two sites and find out your own keyword performance. You can also compare your keyword with your competitors. Can read so much more on so please don’t forget to check it out. I am just doing a shorten version. In hopes to give you an useable idea how to do keyword research.To apply your keyword research to your blog or site. You first need to find out what your readers or customers are searching for. Then find out the rank of the keyword. Remember the higher the more traffic you can bring in. Helps to do proper content marketing strategy. Which would include creating a landing page. If you are running a store then use them keywords that pertain to your product your selling. customers will search that keyword that you are using for your product.You can read all I wrote here in better detail on Thought that this would go good with seo since seo has to deal with keyword to get you that traffic.Traffic = money. Hope this will get you a better understanding how to use the keyword in your blog. Many will try a few keywords to see which does better when they are running ads. Sometimes that is all it could be is the change of a word that catches peoples eyes.

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SEO, Little basics to help you get that organic traffic flowing

If you are still having trouble with SEO, hope this will give you a little more idea. There is a lot of site that you can look into after this post and help you get more indepth idea.Sure you heard of Google Search Console. If you ever look up Google analytics then you see search console pop up also. Search central is almost the same but it talks more about seo.

Photo by Pixabay on

It has basic seo and advance seo. Lot of good reading on this one and helps you set up search console. If this is something you have not done for your site yet, you should. Helps a lot of different ways for your site.Need to set up your site in google search console so google knows your site exists. Anyone can get on google search but it is getting on the first few pages is what matters. No one will know about your site if its not within the first few pages. Not to many go to page one million to look for what they are looking for. This is where you need seo. To optimize the search on the words your using in the post. The higher the keyword is in search then the higher chance someone is to find that word in your post.Let’s say you want to write a post about dogs and what type of food is good for their health. Can you guess what would be the keywords you would want to use in this post? Dog, Dogs health, healthy dog food. Would be what I would start with. See which words have the most popularity, which would get people looking for that word more.

Photo by Caio on

Google trends also can show you how popular a word could be. Like I had mentioned I am also learning myself but this is so far what I have gotten out of it so far. Learning more and more each day so if you want to know more later I can do another post. But if not after this I don’t want to dive to much into it and go on and on over one topic only. When I type in seo in google search it comes back with 8,400,000,000 topics. It is very posted about. But to do things right look in trends.

Do as much research so you can get in as much traffic as possible. Use google search central to help you get the right keywords and it can bring in alot of organic traffic. (free traffic) for your site. Make sure to give google search central and console sitemaps to any changes to your site so it can stay up to date. Let the bot recrawl your site to check for any errors. You can even control what google sees on your site. You can exclude some pages in the crawl if you want. From reading on search central it looks like it will help you with google console so if your having issues. It could have some information that could help you. It will also let you know if it finds some unusual activity on your has a great section on seo. It has 7 different chapters and a glossary at the end. Shows the technical side of seo, on-page seo, and so much more. Great place to get you started if you need to go and learn more.

Well we got more storms tonight and I want to get this post out before I can’t post anymore tonight. Any bit of rain knocks us offline. Pray it is not as bad as this last one again knocking us off for almost two days. Last year we were out for a week tree fell right on the pole in front of my house so a whole week no water no electricity. Glad for a generator.

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SEO, what does it mean and how can it bring your site more traffic

Have you heard of SEO before? Do you know what it means? Do you know how it can bring you more traffic, lots more traffic? SEO is something you really need if you are a blogger, if you want to rank #1 on google. If you want to turn your hobby blog into a money making blog or a business then you need to learn at least the basics of SEO. Even if you are not worried about money and just worried about people seeing what your writing what you worked so hard on writing, SEO will bring in the traffic.

I sit all day long when I am not watching my grandson, listening to blogging podcasts or learning ways for traffic or making money on my blog even when I’m falling asleep I usually have a podcast going. I enjoy learning this information so much and hopefully one day I can become an expert for you guys. I do know I don’t plan on charging hundreds of dollars like some just to give you knowledge that you can find online anywhere and learn. But nevertheless I’m learning all day all night when I am able to just so I can help you guys out the best way that I can to earn that money.

SEOPhoto by Pixabay on

So what is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. We use SEO to get the exact targeted audience to our blogs to make income. It does not matter how you are monetizing your blog. If your doing affiliate marketing then you would use SEO directed toward the product you are trying to make commission off and you will still get the targeted audience that you are going after. It is all just different keywords that you use for SEO. When looking up for SEO it is basically looking up the keyword that is in your blog post or in the product you are trying to market. Best way is to go to google and look up that keyword and focus on the popularity of that word. Neil Patel explains this so well in a Youtube video of his I will link that here and he has 3 great free SEO tools for you also.

Neil Patel SEO

Google search console will help you has a basic SEO learning on there. You can go almost anywhere online and find information for free to learn seo easily. Just got to take the time to do it but it is very important. I read and listened to a couple (not one) podcast and videos that they went from 0 page views to around 30,000 page views from using seo. I suggest if you really want that organic traffic then learn SEO. This is one reason I have been taking the time to learn it and let you all know about it because I know most of you are just starting out or having a hard time with them page views.

There is also a free seo class you can watch but as of now the said it is closed but if you really want to learn or in my case learn more, sign up to be notified when they have another class, I know I am.

If you even go to Neil Patels site he has his own free seo tool on his site. You can stick around check out his site more he has some great information on his site. One person called him the SEO king lol. So he must know his stuff when it comes to SEO. He does have a podcast also if you listen to podcasts at all. If you want to check out the SEO of your site and see where you could use some work. Think you get three searches a day or a week I forget but know its 3 searches. He has backlinks check and traffic check. But since we are talking about SEO today

I have been listening to Neil for a while now love his videos and podcast. So take some time check him out. After leaving here of course lol. I know I have talked about seo a few times on my site. Only reason I talk about seo a little bit in the past is because it is very important to blogging and more you learn the more you will get to know this if you are looking for targeted traffic.

Well I hope that you get a understanding of what SEO is. Did you know about SEO before? Have you used it in your blog yet? Let me know in the comments. I do read and respond to all my comments. And if you ever want to ask a question or get a hold of me for any reason my inbox is always open to you. Have a awesome day or night and please.. stay safe.

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Let’s look into the legal side of blogging so you do not get sued

I was just listening to this great podcast on blogging legal forms and things us bloggers need to protect our work and our business. Your best bet if you are starting to get in to blogging for a serious business. Then you should hire a lawyer to get all the legal pages on your site. You really need this to avoid getting sued or even avoid having to sue others for stealing your work.

I know a lot of people can not afford a lawyer. Next bet is to google all the things your blog should have on it so it will stay up to date with all the legal things in your country. I would hate to see anyone get so far in their blogs, put so much work into it and get sued or have to shut it down for copyright.

What are things we need to keep it legal? Well of course each country is different, think we all know that. Different places different laws. Think most of us try to follow our own laws in our country like not running a red light and getting a ticket. So why are we not following the laws for our blogs also.

Photo by CQF-Avocat on

I am not sure where you can get all the legal information how to put it on your blog. Best thing is to google it I would think. This is how I will be putting all the legal pages on my blog. If you haven’t noticed I already have the GDPR on the bottom to accept. The lawyer on the blog says it’s very important to put this on your blog no matter where in the world you might be. It is a legal thing having to do with the uk I guess, something I have to look up and learn about myself. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. WordPress has the widget you can add to your blog like I did. But the rest I mention here looks like you and I both have to do our own page or section for the rest of the legal items we need to keep our blog up to date with laws. We all should be keeping up with all the laws with our blog and as they change so should our online forums or pages.

I already have a disclaimer on my blog about affiliate links which everyone should have if they have affiliate links on their sites. I seen on the podcasters blog she has her affiliate disclaimer along with a regular disclaimer for your site. If that is how you want to handle it to save space on your blog.

Next you need a privacy policy to make sure each visitor knows what information is taken from them and what it is used for.

privacy policy on typewriter Photo by Markus Winkler on

Terms and conditions is another one along with deny any liability of opinions on the site causing any damage or loss.

Of course you can put all the disclaimers and policy’s on your site and things still can happen. But a main one you need is copyright cause if you see someone with your exact content on their blog you can ask them to take it down and if they don’t you can sue them.

If you would like to listen to this awesome content filled with so much value that I think every blogger needs to know. Yes I know it is a hour long but it is packed with some much information and not boring at all. If the spotify link does not work the podcast is called making money blogging with digital nomad wannabe. It is working on my end but when I view it’s not so hope it will, otherwise you will have to go to spotify sorry.

Think this will do it for today just run down my last couple basics for you. Before I get into the last things, The blog index site already has me up. The one I kind of was worried about because they were asking for money. Just for adding it on my site I was up right away, and as soon as I start seeing any people come from there, I will let you know.

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simple affiliate secrets ebook

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Have yourself a great day or night. Please stay safe till we all can get this world back to normal. Please get your vaccines, most of us got them when we were children to avoid things that were pandemics before some of us were around, this is the same thing. This is the only way to get our country back to normal, no more masks, no more lockdowns. No more COVID!!! Please help people who are sick and can’t afford to get sick. This is strictly my opinion and that is just my feelings on this. I know many don’t believe in the vaccine but please some people can not afford to get sick. If you don’t get it, you are potentially killing the elderly or ill. My opinion so please don’t be upset. We are all entitled to out opinion and not trying to start a argument with anyone just how I feel on the subject and want to help those who can not afford to get sick.

2 Set it and forget it blog sites that bring in traffic to your blog

I found a good YouTube video and he also has a site too. But the video really explains where to put your blog into these directory of each of these sites and once it is finally indexed you will have another place that will bring in traffic to your blog. Free traffic, organic traffic.

The first one he talks about is blogville. I have signed up for that one on the 14th of this month and still have not got a word back if they have indexed my blog in their site yet. It says you can pay to get it done faster but like he says in the video you don’t have to. It has been a while and still not indexed but the free things in live often take time.

The next one ontoplist and it is basically the same as blogville and i just signed up for this one today but the difference is they either want a payment or you need to add their banner to your site which I do not mind doing if it is something that will help bring in traffic.

Best Personal Finance Blogs To Better Manage Your Money -

I think that if you go through some or even a lot of the blogs that interest you on both sites than I bet if you follow and make some really nice comments on the site you could get a lot of follows back. This is of course just my opinion but with everything that I had read before this is something that had been mentioned on a few sites that I had read. Just make sure the sites that you follow are all active or you could just be wasting your time.

This ontoplist does charge a lot to get your site in the index but why not do it for free. I myself just couldn’t see myself paying over 100 dollars to be seen on their site and there is no guarantee that I will get seen or get a lot of traffic from them paying that amount. If I had a guarantee for the traffic then yes then it could be worth it, but it’s just a if people see me and seem interested in my site. I’ll stick with free and just using the banner. Know some can’t do that they don’t have the room to put up any more banners. If traffic is something you really need than maybe make a little room they have small ones and big ones. Well that is it for today, just a short one to let you get more traffic for your blogs sure a few of you could use it.

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Have yourself a wonderful day or night and stay safe ya’ll.

Online sites that bring in cash and traffic

Hey hope that everyone is doing well on this fine day. Here the weather is actually not at its best or should I say air quality. I have never seen it the way it is now. I guess there are a lot of fires and honestly.. I didn’t watch the news to see where the fires were. But we are getting the effects of the fires with hazy skies and bad air quality. It smells outside, you can just smell it in the air.

With the air quality so bad, it even put a haze over the sun and made it look bright orange. Was so gorgeous. I had to take a bunch of pictures at 6:45 monday morning. Sorry was not my car and yes that window is super dirty sorry but still love all the color in the picture.

But today I just have a few sites to talk about and not sure if these are ones I mentioned or I mentioned sites like it.

First site is acx. This is one I mentioned before, if you care to go back and read that post for those who might have missed it. But letting those who might of missed it and those who read it just get a little insite

I kind of said it wrong last time. You are not reading audio books you will be reading books and turning them into audio books and as you see. You can filter what kind of books your interested in and pick what you want to read. How long even. Can even chose which way you want to get paid. Royalties when the book is bought means you get part of the sale. Or you can chose to get paid just for reading. Has a lot of different things to let you narrow down what you want to read. So you will audition for the book and the author will chose who they want to read.

Next one I want to let you know about is, you just take pictures and make passive income from your pictures. No not professional pictures are needed. Bloggers like us, and many others who have websites and more are always looking for pictures they can use on their sites. They can buy the pictures you upload. Prices that you get will depend on the size, the resolution and more from the pictures you upload. There are three ways to get paid on this site. Competition. You enter a competition and if you win you get paid. Upgrade. If your pictures are getting a lot of sales and your getting very noticed on the site then you can get upgraded and get paid more.

I want to mention a great program I mentioned before also. Just does not seem to get enough credit. Cashjuice is a great site to bring in traffic to your site. It lets you look at ad get points get paid and besides just using a post to bring in traffic you look at these ads to get your post that you want to use to get traffic to when you get points looking at ads. It is not like the others to send mass traffic but it can bring in some traffic to your site or blog even affiliate links.

Check it out when you can just does not seem to get the credit it deserves. I love it and love the nice warm community on the site. So friendly and willing to help one another and be there for one another.

I finally got a new download for the week. This is a good one Simple Affiliate Secrets. I have yet to read it but it looked like it would be a good one. I know I could learn a few more things to help boost my sales.

Very last thing I want to still let you know about, The webinar last week is something I will be posting about a lot want everyone to come join OLSP. Wayne hosts new Facebook Lives all the time and some that are super interesting sure there will be something for everyone. But the site alone is awesome. Teaches so much about earning money on facebook and earning with commenting. So many videos to learn with even after you become a traffic dominator finishing boot camp. Boot camp was packed with some much value that it sure would help so many people with building traffic to sites and links and earn money. Please come join me in the free facebook group that is always there to help with any questions you may have about boot camp or any other questions after. Plus don’t forget finish boot camp and you get paid 20 dollars. The 20 is a great plus but so much value you learn is worth so much more then money can put a value on even. Least that is my opinion. Hope to see you over there. The next live will be Thursday The secret method to get solo ads working for you over and over again. Click here sign up find out more about the facebook or when I have more info I will get it to you right away.

Thats it for today have a great day or night stay safe.

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Side Hustles that are easy

For those of us that have been looking online for ways to make money has ran in to this term a lot. What are side hustles? It is a job you have on the side of your regular job that helps bring in a little cash on top of your regular paycheck. Usually you can pick your own hours and days for most side hustles. But things have really changed with the meaning side hustle over the years. I

If you have searched side hustle on google there is a new trend emerging from this term if you have noticed like I have. A lot of people are quitting their day jobs to do their side hustle jobs full time. So I don’t think that can be considered a side hustle anymore. Still a hustle but now it’s your full time hustle or how ever you want to call it. I see it like a full time job so now it’s full time hustle lol. In all reality though it is not full time either.

Most of these side jobs take half the time as a real full time job that is why most people take them as a part time job along with their full time job. Most instances you make as much or more then your full time job or see the potential if you went full time with your side hustle and this is the reasoning for most people quitting their full time jobs for their side hustle. Heck, I think anyone would. Takes half the time as your full time job and you make the same part time or more, who wouldn’t want such a great deal.

Since the pandemic a lot of people has realize the potential of how much can actually be earned online most don’t want to go back to their boring full time jobs. Work a few hours everyday to make the same or more that you had when you worked a 8 hour day. Hence the government is having a hard time getting people back to the jobs that are out there in abundance right now. So please don’t forget we still need them workers helping out in our communities also. Maybe just switch to them being our part time jobs.

Well before I keep rambling on let’s get to the reason you are here today. Got a few side hustles for you to look into see if either one is a good fit for you. So I hope this helps someone earn some income understand some of these are not for everyone but…. if you don’t at least try how will you know? Like that saying and works good in things like this. You will never know unless you try to potential of what you can accomplish. So what if it’s a fail, this is why there are so many other side hustles.

The first one I got here is discuss Research. No affiliate links here, I am not a member but I might become one if I can find the time. Sometimes this can take time. These are the best to get into from what I hear from a few people.


As you can see from the screenshot they let you know it can pay $75-$250 per session. These sessions could last up to 2 hours but who gets paid 250 dollars for two hours of work? That is focus groups, I heard you get paid very well for them so this is the time to jump on this if you have time. It could be a phone call focus group, online focus groups. Even face to face interview. For me I do not have phone service out where I live in the middle of a forest. And I don’t drive and my internet is the worst internet in history. A little bit of rain and my internet is going in and out, so I wouldn’t want to take a chance of losing 250 dollars because my phone or internet boots me. You may have a better chance than me, so don’t pass up this great opportunity. Than you can go and brag to your friends that you get paid 125 dollars a hour lol .

This next one is a great way to make passive income and you don’t even have to do any work, unless you want to. You can choose to make it and save yourself around 15 dollars or pay someone to do it for around 15 dollars. Making worksheets for little kids.


Look at them figures in the screenshot above and imagine, if you even did the work yourself, the money these people are raking it is amazing. Even that last one selling only 22 of them make her a good amount a little over 200 dollars. I am sure that will go up over time also. Just like the others, and if you even paid someone 15 dollars or even a little more, your getting over 100% of that back. If you ask me, this right here is just a amazing passive income generator. Anyone who would like to do this and has the time please don’t pass this awesome opportunity up. I might try and squeeze in the time for this one. Think they want books though not just sheets if it is a possibility. Look into what the others are making then you can get a better idea of what they are asking for here. The tik tok video where I seen this from did mention a book so think that is what you might have to make.

Well think it will be just the two today. I have my grandson and surprised I was able to get this much out. I did a lot of rambling on though sorry about that but I did get to the point finally. I still have not got a different download yet. Was looking into software but not sure if that would interest you. Was free software about crypto. I need to look into that more though. I do check the downloads out for you make sure they are safe. I did download a tv one yesterday from the site and it seemed pretty safe. Scanned it and no viruses. But it didn’t have what I was looking for so i deleted it.

One of my favorite shows comes out today and we cut the cord a long time ago and that is the only thing I am missing. We just got netflix now and hbo just things we like to watch. But missing my American Horror Story. Any of you like that show? After a few of my videos you should see I like horror and all things scary. lol

Well I am sure I bored you enough. Let me know in the comments if you would like software as well as ebooks for a weekly download and if anyone watches American Horror Story?

traffic beast

Get it before its to late. Not many days left. Stay safe.

Promote Your Blog!

Thanks to my follower trevviesidehustle @ searching for a side hustle. I seen this reblog on his blog and I really feel the need to share. This is such an excellent idea foe us as a whole to get to know one another. We shouldn’t be in competition we should be supporting one another and having each others backs. This is the only way to help our blogs grow from the start til we get out and get our own readers. Just how I feel about it. Hope you all agree in some sense and will also share and grow as a community together.

Please go check out phoebeMD and share a post and comment to other bloggers. Thanks.

Thought I’d share this post by PhoebeMD as it’s such a good idea and a great way to meet new people in the blogging community. Make sure to check out…

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