Love of my life… Cooper

10655349_10155911346305063_8886261939187073167_o11261645_10155463152560063_2230376393049109924_o12232901_10156156928575063_101029639595293406_oPugs show so much love I have never in my life had such a lovable dog. He is so wonderful so well trained does not a thing wrong but bark. And well that is in their nature to warn. Years ago a pug warned a prince when assassins were coming in 1572. Queen Victoria favored fawn colored pugs. 
If you are looking for a small breed companion. I highly recommend a pug. If you live alone you will never feel so much love as you would with a pug…. No lie!!! 

He is my love and nothing not even my hubby comes before him. Well in different ways they both come before one another of course. But even for my hubby that is his baby too and no one I mean NO ONE  can mess with his baby. Lol 

So you will be seeing a lot of cooper in my blog also. 😊😊

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