Crochet a long 

It’s been a little while since I made a post and I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking or crocheting just been in the middle of getting ready to move from a tiny apartment to a big house. And it’s a big move for me cause Iam not going to be in the city anymore. Very hard for me as much as I like the country just hard for someone who doe not drive. This is why I always stayed in the city so I could be close to things and walk. So another challenge I’ll work through like everything else…. Back to the topic at hand.

The recent crochet a long from crochet crowd is hard one. I just can’t seem to do it. I can single crochet each row but when it comes to introducing them new stitches I lose a stitch here and there. So I know it’s something I just can’t do with everything else going on at the moment. Just havent had the time to sit and concentrate. Been working on a mindless project and when it is finished I will post pics with the pattern also. Look forward to the next post I should hopefully have my very own craft room set up. Woohoo!!!!! ❤

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