I’m back once again 

I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting for the house actually latley and figured out that I don’t like wash or dishcloths made of ww. Makes me kind of mad when I’m in the shower and my finger goes through a hole when you do a space in your crochet. Even when it’s sc throughout just don’t seem as good as skinnier yarn. I picked up some really lace like yarn years ago. Not good with what the size would be but realized it’s perfect. So been redoing my washcloth collection. And just starting a new project and I’d realize I have t been here in a while and actually got something to show. For those of you that know the turning chain and the gap it usually puts in your work as I was shown in videos how to do. 

This is something I don’t like or a bump on the outer  edge. 

The way I like to do it I seen in someone’s blog or site online. It’s kind of like a long sc here are some pics give u a idea. But you do a ch but pull through one look then yo again pull through one loop then through both loops. Or do it once. Have to make of the night of your work. 

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