Back for a more consistent posting

Hello everyone. Know I don’t have a huge following hope to accomplish that soon. Been very busy with well trying to get myself straightened out and now I am finally a grandma and just loving it. He is my pride and joy.

Eliseo 🥰

He is the best I have him everyday about 10 hours a day at least. So been super busy. He turned 1 in may and just a super bright little boy. Not to sound like bragging grandma but there a few things that he does that are advanced. Not a lot but he’s pretty smart that’s for damn sure. ♥️

Also, I lost my first pride and joy. The best dog 🐕 I ever, ever had. Got him when he was five and had him 6 years.

Cooper age 6

He was getting up there in age, he was 11 when he passed away but was not from a treat. A peanut butter treat that I even broke smaller for him but the peanut butter still got stuck in his throat and well that was super hard to watch him choke and pass away. I can not find them anywhere think they were took off the market. They looked like a nutri grain bar and it’s peanut butter flavor. They came in individual packages and two bars in one pack. So please be on the lookout don’t feed these to your dog.

But I will start to be more consistent with doing more recipes and posts. Sorry for the disappearance back for good and look forward to sharing what I have learned in my 11 years of marriage to a Mexican and other things in life.

Have a wonderful day

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