This one is interesting

Well this one is going to be a odd post compared to the rest of my posts.

Since Christmas is coming I decided that I want to try and make my own cash for this year so been checking out few ways to make money

lake by my house is so beautiful

See I always use to have my own money and well being disabled and not being able to collect disability well yeah now I’m living off my husband. He is really the most wonderful man. He does take care of me all the bills and my grown son without much of a complaint. And my son is not his and he still takes care of him we got married when he was very young. But on to the money….

So been trying sites and apps. I even got scammed by a site. But now I think I found a few that works. None of these are big money tickets. You won’t be able to stop working as much as it would be a dream to us all. But little extra game money or take time save your money to purchase something. One site I cashed out at just five US dollars to check if it actually worked. Took a few days but I got my five in PayPal.

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Awesome site quick way to make five here five there or more. You do surveys. Yes got to have time to do it but if you can squeeze in a couple 100 points surveys a day, within 3 days you will had made 5 bucks. When they say it’s a 10 minute survey it’s more like 20. But I never had a problem with the little extra time. Just make sure u have a good half hour for each just in case some run as long as 20-30 mins. They pay up to 150 I seen. Only thing I don’t like is you have to wait 7 days for your payout like I had say this is not enough to quit a job. I just cashed out my first five on the 24th and then the 8th I cashed in 10. So little money fast or u can wait longer and accumulate more points to cash out a higher amount. All on how you want. I love it it’s a honest site that is not hard to make points and not little points for cash. There is Amazon and some other ways to cash out I just chose PayPal for all mine.

Almost ten dollars

1200 is ten dollars for PayPal and as u see 15 minutes for a 100 points. So easy to make money on here. Five surveys and you got ur five just about.

Yes I know surveys aren’t for everyone so the next app I got is not surveys.


This one you do tasks, got to get to different levels for games usually. I experienced issue with my first points and not getting paid. If you can be patient and as long as you did the app task just how they asked, you should have no problem getting your points. Have to hit the report button and took quit a few days before I got my points.

The last one I got for you I’m still working through myself. But you take surveys for money. Can’t cash out til you but 25 I think it is. everyday you login you get like one cent and goes up each day as long as you don’t miss a day. If you login 45 days in a row then you get 75 each day for logging in and 1.50 for logging in 150 days. Got different goals to do. And can get up to 10 dollars for doing a lot of goals. Like I said I’m still working out all the details. I hate notifications so o tend to forget to login everyday.

Well as I’m showing you all this maybe last thing I should show you is cash out proof. As u see I have one I could. Cash out five. I have one on the way to my PayPal for ten from Lifepoints, oh also lifepoints you still get points even if you don’t qualify for a survey. Only 2 points but it adds up. Ok ok

Hope you find this blog interesting. Know it’s taken me a while to know about each app or site. And I want my own money again so I am here telling truth only. Of course with each one of these you have to put in some work. Least it’s not physical work if you are disabled like me. Any questions feel free to ask always here to answer any question. Thanks for your time taking a look at this post. And last thing I opened a a Mercari page is that what u can it or a store. I have my crochet in there if you want to take a look I would really appreciate it.

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