Money in struggling times

I see that my last post was really popular. So i will keep doing more research for everyone and if thats the content you all want then I will do my absolute best to show you what I can make money from anc ehat is joke or possibly fake.
If any of you know any great apps or sites please leave them in the comments Ill be happy to check them out.

I have been working hard to make some money to buy my hubby a present 🎁 for Christmas 🎄 I can’t use his off course just wouldn’t be right. I do know one thing he has to be happy about. We actually got a little savings. Something we have not been able to do in a very long time. Even with taking care of my grown son again we are still able to put money away. Mostly because he got paid his vacation hours and if they do all the things the way they should be done boss gives them a bonus so extra money there. He works hard so glad he finally put some away.

One app/site I forgot to mention was the very first one I started out with. And at first it was super easy to make the first 30 bucks which was the minimum you had to have to cash out with. It’s very popular if you have ever looked into this kind of stuff. InboxDollars. The first time around all the apps were something easy to do so money went up fast. Surveys suck cause it is very hard to qualify. But you play games and open emails and make a little doing each one. First time I cashed out at 50 dollars. Second time 30 and now they lowered it to 10 and PayPal. I don’t think they had that before. It was getting very hard so I quit doing it for a while. But since they lowered it ten dollars I just cashed out. And that one takes only 2-3 days to get to your PayPal it says. Only one that takes a long time I think is the lifepoints. Rest are only a couple days. But overall inboxdollars is a good app/site.

But I know times are hard on so many of us now so I think I’m going to keep looking into more apps and ways to make money and be very honest with what I come up with. If anyone would like me to check out a app or site feel free to message me and I’ll do my very best to take a look.

But it’s late here, well for me ten is late since I have to be up at 3:30 with hubby. Yes I try to be a good wife. I don’t work so the least I could do is get up with him and make him coffee he takes to work along with a Snack. He comes home at or around noon so I have lunch ready for him. Well guess I will leave it there and get back to you soon as I can. Hope everyone has the best Christmas they can have ( if you celebrate) and happy new year. I will try to be back on before the new year. Thank you to all my new followers.

3 thoughts on “Money in struggling times

    1. thank you for the nice reply, appreciate it. I use to hesitate a lot til it I found something I enjoy doing so this makes me not hesitate anymore. I love finding ways to make money online and knowing our bad times only hope it can help someone out. 🙂

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