More real reviews on side money sites and apps

Hope everyone has had a great few weeks. Pray each and everyone is healthy and happy.

Let’s just jump into this… I realize there is quit a bit of ways to make money online. And of all the ones I have been checking out still nothing tops my favorites as of yet. 1. Use to be SurveyJunkie til my account got suspended for tampering with links which I have no clue how to do. So be careful with this site. Was my absolute favorite til I got suspended for nothing.Then would be Lifepointspanel is now my first choice only down fall is having to wait almost 7 days to get your money into your PayPal. But it’s not hard to get five dollars. Surveys are pretty easy to qualify for. Been liking more into one I signed up for before after I got scammed from the next sites copycat site. is a typical site. Watch videos to get money but 1 cent for a couple videos so kind of not worth it in my eyes. Them few mins I could of had a survey almost finished instead of waiting for 1 cent. It has surveys and tasks to do also. I really need to look more into it but the couple things I have done and the little pay seems like it would take a long time to accumulate enough to even want to cash out. But the copycat site was with app at the end instead of com. (Looks like com bought that site could be wrong though.) But the copycat was a too good too be true situation making over a thousand dollars just for posting videos on your social media but soon as I did every task ready to cash out the site closed down. That is before I really new much about these survey sites and I didn’t read into the reviews but I learned my lesson real fast. But the com site looks like you need a laptop or computer to finish some of the daily tasks and with me not working being disabled no disability yet hard on one income to buy all we need but things been looking better so might be getting my laptop in a few days. Soon as I pick out the one I like in my price range.

Surveytime is one I think I mentioned before. I haven’t even qualified for a survey yet but a review I read said it’s immediate payout to PayPal so soon as I find out will let you know on that. Very hard to qualify for any survey I haveo tried on and off for a few days now.

The next one is not really a survey site but it is a place where you could possibly get information on where to make money where to get in a study make a thousand for a back study. It’s called The Daily Goodie Box I have gotten calls back for the back study I signed up for too so must be legit. Last one was free toilet paper and all they ask is for a review in return. It’s just a place where you get messages on different things you can do to make money. Survey sites, product review sites and studies. My suggestion is if you can get into a study that is where the most money is to be made. Well of course depending on what the study is for. But goodie box also means you can get a box filled with products something I never got nor really tried hard just looked at messages on this site. But one study I done from lifepoints was so easy I just had to write down what I drank when I drank it and got a 35 gift card and then 650 points. Which is 6.50 41.50 in total so well worth it to me. Maybe not everyone but was to me I usually only drink tea and coffee all day(yes I know I need more water I try to fit a bottle of water in a day)

Quickpaysurveys is my last review foe today. I read up on this before signing up which I do on all so I don’t waste my time but when I’m on them I give you my honest review. And well from the reviews on this one I wasn’t wasting my time and don’t think you should either. You have to have at least 15 dollars and it’s pairs end l the month and if you don’t have the full 15 have to wait til next month. I like my money little faster so not the site for me.

Well that’s all for now hope you enjoyed this one. Next time I will let you know if I had qualified for a survey from surveytime yet and let you know about a site called surveyhoney. And any other site I can find to take a look at. Much love y’all stay safe and healthy to make that money 💰

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