Survey Sites Reviewed

Hello everyone hope all is well with everyone really hope that everyone is staying healthy… can only pray that a end is near and we will all be back to normal again. But for the time being a lot of us are stuck inside and some without a job or income coming in so we all look to online to see where we can make money to keep the family a float. I haven’t seen any sites that can make enough money to compensate a paycheck but might make enough to buy some food or something of that nature with the survey sites at least. I do know that there is a lot more that can be done online to make more money I personally haven’t found it yet, but with all this survey sites and more I hope to venture out and explore more with you guys and get into bigger things like affiliate marketing is one I really have plans to check out in the very near future and would like to take you all each step of the way and in hopes to make a good income from it and if not then you all will know what not to do when you would like to give it a try lol. But for now on with the little things that I have been doing.

I know in some of my blogs I may mention a site for a second time and only reason that would be hopefully is because I gave it another chance to see how things would go or could be some other reason that I am mentioning it again, but should be because something new popped up.

Opinion City is the first site I would like to tell you about. I think I might of mentioned already I do some reading on a site before I just jump into signing up, and very glad I did with this one. Knew right away something just didn’t seem right with this site that claimed you could make $500+ a week just doing surveys. Think any of you whom have already done a few survey sites know very well this is something that is nearly impossible if it is legit. Sure does not sound legit, with that claim it has scam written all over it. I read another blogger who wrote a bit on this site and I was super impressed with that bloggers work, hope some day I can be as good as them. But their review on the site was very in depth First they talk about their exaggerated earning claims. Then it explained they seen about 6 red flags with the site. I don’t need to get into them all but they explained that this site was like another site survey voice. They don’t have their own surveys they just send their survey takers to other sites and they just make a commission, so that really makes it very hard to believe in my eyes that if they are just working off a commission then I really don’t they could pay over 500 to their survey takers. I just find it hard to believe.

Panda Research is another I still have been trying, but I just haven’t been doing very good each try. I’m not giving up though because that same other blogger i was talking about was asked by one of their readers if they were able to make 100 in a hour doing surveys and they did with this site. The main way to do this one is a lot of offers that they ask you to do but it is the way to get a lot of money here. Being that I have been on a lot of these different sites trying a lot of different offers already I’m a little limited. I’m sure most of you guys would not be as limited as me. But I have a pending total of 150.00 but they add the money to your pending total just for looking at it, don’t know much about this site yet but I really hope that they don’t think that I’m trying to scam them in anyway. I know I didn’t finish some because I couldn’t but I don’t know how to fix it if I even could. So I got some learning to do with this site. So this is why I haven’t been doing very well with this site…yet. This is where another email can really come in handy for all the offers. Most the offers are things you really don’t want you just want to sign up to get the money being offered to do that offer. In the first few minutes of being on the site I had made 8 dollars. 3 dollars just for signing up and then I did the first offer which was 5 dollars. Some of these offers pay a nice amount. But to actually collect that amount you need to finish exactly what they are asking you to do. Just like money app, you have to do exactly what they ask too like get to a level they ask. So if you can follow simple directions then you should make good money with these offers. Also like when I first got on inbox dollars, I was able to do a lot of the offers and got up to the first pay out very quickly, but it seems they don’t change the offers and the ones they added seems a lot harder then when I first started. Once I actually get the hang of it and know exactly what I’m doing I will get back to you and let you know what I actually made. They only pay to your PayPal on the 1st and 15th, which I really don’t like but with something like this maybe it is good, if all done correctly you could have a nice chunk of change in your PayPal on pay dates.

Think that will be all for this one. Gonna try to make the blogs a little more frequently now that I finally got my laptop and no longer trying to type all this out on my phone. Love to all stay strong and healthy. Til next time 💲💲

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