For Amazon Sellers

I have been looking into a site called Splitly and it helps sellers through amazon even with multiple accounts take care the math of it all help each customer through understand that part doing testing on products you could be selling. They seem like they are a awesome site to help the sellers and If any one out there needs some help this might be something great to look into. They are in many countries too not just North America.

I know once I get that far I do want to become a wholesaler or seller on Amazon and this site looks like the best place to help me through all that and I know it will help someone out there looking for help in this department. They help optimize your listings, its basically listing optimizing software is what its referred to. Says it will help crush your competition and I do not have any examples but if interested this site has been around for a while now I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be to hard to find some reviews and examples.

As they say they have scientifically proven results, tool kits to suit your specific needs and remove the manual work. Does show a few reviews on the site but if I were looking into something I plan on diving into I look for reviews offline and from a few different sites. The site has been mentioned in very popular sites and magazines so they must be doing something right lol also shows the pricing right on the first page that’s one thing I love when looking into a purchase shows they are very transparent and not looking to hide anything. So please take a look really thought this could help someone so I thought I would mention it in this brief little post.

Thanks for reading just trying to help and only hopes this can help someone out there. Stay healthy.

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