Few More Survey Site Reviews

Since SurveyJunkie suspended my account I had a lot more time to check out some more survey sites in between my other money making things I have been looking into and if any of those pan out will be sure to let you all know about them, they are all passive income but of course like any type of passive income you need to put in the work first to get your item out here then in time it will turn into passive income.

One site I really advise you to stay away from is Survey Queen. It is not even a survey site and it gave my phone a virus adding a account into my calendar without my permission with the pop ups from that site. Well it just sends you to different survey sites and lots of pop ups. I was trying to check out more sites to blog about but after getting that and checking out just one site from there it does not seem even worth it. DollarGoblin ended up being the same as Survey Queen. Didn’t get a virus but didn’t give it much chance to give me one like that other one. Just my opinion I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you. Just want to give you guys value not lead you to a virus like I had gotten so stay away please.

OpinionCity is another site I looked into and with their claims of making 450 a week, well I think we all already know that is a little far fetched. To me that is not even a good advertisement at least for us whom already have tried a few survey sites. If there was a site that could bring in enough as a full time job I would be writing a whole post on it bragging about that site but so far that is something I haven’t found and don’t think I will. I think any site if you put in a ten hour work day you could possibly make some ok change but I really don’t think with all the disqualifications it is even possible to make decent money and if anyone tells you different I don’t think that is the full truth. I for sure could be wrong but I just don’t see it. I do know that this is 100% better then a real job. Even if you sat and did this for ten hours a day to make some money this is way better then leaving your home everyday fighting traffic to get to your job and seeing your boss whom you probably don’t care for like most people. you also can lay in your bed in your jammies and do this so no traffic, no boss and lay in bed all day…. who couldn’t ask for anymore out of a full time job.

Last think quickly know this is getting a little long I think I have been rambling on just a little to much in this post lol but Buxinside is another one that I’m looking into but this is not a survey site it is to watch ads and get paid for it in your PayPal but I’m just a little lost with it yet and I will put it in another post with more information once i get it figured out. If anyone is on that site let me know. Once I open a ad I’m not sure what to do from there. I opened a few ads and no payment so I must be doing something wrong but once I get it figured out seems like a real easy way to make a little money… little could be the key word there or maybe not. I will let you know in another post. Have yourself a great day or night whenever your reading this and most of all please.. stay healthy and safe online and off.

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