What are the best online hustles?

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Hope that everyone is doing well today. Hope your ready to make some money today I know I am. Always ready to make that cash. got a couple sites for you today and just one survey site. Been coming to realize that even though survey sites are a good little side hustle but it sure won’t make you rich and I think even doing a lot be hard to pay that rent or car note. I think it could be done just be a lot of work like any other job out there, but like I had mentioned before at least this one you are your own boss, set your own hours and you can lay in your bed and do this no fighting traffic or anything like that. I think some jobs can be like your back in high school. There is always that one group that are always mean and even as grown folks they just don’t want to grow up…. I can stay home and deal without that extra stress.

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Genius.com and its transcribing music and get paid any where from 15-30 dollars per hour. Can add old songs the site does not have, correct song lyrics that may not be correct. If you are really knowledgeable on a particular artist you can write a bio a few paragraphs on them. So many different ways to contribute on this site that if music is something you love… this just might be just what your looking for.

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Instagc.com is a paid to do website. This one is like some of the other sites I have mentioned in the past. It has it all, surveys, watch videos, download apps and the list goes on. I personally have not signed up for this one yet my mind right now is focused on my affiliated marketing. Once I get going on that I will take you through all I have done step by step with that but it is going slow I’m not a huge sales person so I’m learning as I go. But in my downtime I think this is a site I really might look into. I already have a app that I get paid to download games and get paid. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it in another blog in the past but just in case you missed it Money App. They have it for IOS and android so should have no problem with either phone you have. I don’t think it can go on a pc but never looked into that. I am having a few problems with that app at the moment. All of a sudden they want advertising id to get your points that may have not automatically come on to your account once you get to the level they want or task they want. Well IOS I can’t get the id they want its hidden on iphone and I have downloaded each app they recommend and it only comes up as all zeros. So kind of upset that its 50 dollars I just missed out on because they want that, I can understand otherwise how else can they prove things but you can’t even email them show them a picture of proof. So mainly I’m just a$$ed out. But it is a very good app I had made quit a bit of money from them already and any other time I was missing points I had no problem getting them til they started this ad id.

Last thing is one survey site I did jump on and take a look at and liked it. Branded Surveys I didn’t paid yet but it does seem like it can be a fast payment, just with working on ads for my affiliated marketing and trying to post my link in the proper places so I don’t get banned from sites is a lot to work on but once I get the hang of it I will be able to put some time into that and into taking some surveys too. I think I might make a e-book into all I have been learning on all the sites I have been on and all the lessons I have learned along the way and know I got a lot more to learn so I know I could make a e-book full of value.

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Well I hope that this helped someone out there, next time I looked into a few remote job sites that could help anyone that had a great job with skill and got laid off from this pandemic these sites can help you get back to your job remotely, so that will be next post along with more value that will hopefully help someone out there. Thanks for reading stay healthy.

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