Making money online is really this easy?

Can it be really this easy to make money online besides taking boring surveys? Yes it sure can more and more I look into the sites I’m finding easy ways that pay much more then surveys pay and a lot less time involved.

First site I would like to let you know about is upcall. This is almost self explanatory as you see from the screenshot I took above. You cold call people think to make sales. It always would help with leads for me as well from what I read so the calls could be to potential clients for businesses. I did not sign up for this one but see it is pretty legit from reviews I had read online. I always read few reviews, can never just trust one review that person could of had a bad experience out of maybe 100 so its always best to read a few reviews on anything your looking into to get a better picture of whatever your looking into. One upcall you can get paid a minimum of 12 dollars a hour. So this is a excellent side hustle for anyone who loves to talk on the phone.

Next site is This is a tutor site as you see from the screenshot above, and the great thing about this is you don’t need any type of degree just need English as your first language and you can teach it to others. As it says above you get paid 12 dollars a hour here also and you basically get paid to chat with students. How great would this be just chat and get paid right? Need PayPal for both of these jobs too. And I am not sure if the first one is worldwide or not but I notice I have people stopping in from all over the world so I promise I will start looking into and making sure I look into online jobs and side hustles that are world wide so everyone is able to participate.

The last one I want to tell you is one I told you I was going to let you know about in the last post… Making lowend books to sell. By lowend books I mean books like small ebooks, pamphlets, menus, even notebooks you can make and sell on KDP, which if you don’t know what that is it means kindle direct publishing. KDP is free for publishing anything. They do have to make their profit to though if your item does sell and when you put your item on there they will give you a baseline to sell your item for so you can make money after printing and royalty costs. So they are so awesome that way. Now for the making the lowend book lets talk about a notebook. You can go onto and make the front cover (front and inside if you want anything written inside your notebook cover) and back cover. This site has all the designs and templates you want and smack it all together and there you go a notebook and take it over to kindle and sell it, passive income right there. And mind you if you sell that for 7 dollars and you make a couple of them to put for sale on kindle just imagine the passive income that could potentially be rolling in. All goes on how much work you want to put into whatever you plan on selling.

Well I hope this were a help to someone love to give you all massive value and hope it helps someone make a few bucks out there. I know my schedule is all over the place but I will make sure I promise to do 2-3 posts a week for you all. More if I have a lot of information for you guys. But I don’t want to over do it burn myself out and not be able to write for a bit. I was actually ok after this last streak I did. Just trying to make ads for my affiliates I have ( I do make my own ads…by far from professional but learning) and I try to post ads to all the social medias I can in one day. So trying to find sites for you and trying to do all that somedays is nearly impossible. But I will try my best, but 2-3 posts for sure per week from me is something you can count on. Once I get a schedule down I will get more days consistent with that also. Stay safe everyone and please dont forget my meditation program to help you learn how to meditate and manifest anything you want, even money click here

And then if you want to learn affiliate marketing like I did and learn with free training click here

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Thank you for reading have a wonderful night, day, afternoon whenever your reading this.

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