How would you like a candle or bath bomb with a free ring inside

Did you know you can burn a candle and get a ring out of it, and not a cheap right either I might add. These rings could be worth 15 dollars or as much as 7500 dollars. No lie. I had gotten this candle years ago and was not disappointed. And I don’t think you will be either. They even have wax tarts that have rings in them.

I love the smell of the candles and I still have it after years I don’t burn the very often hubby dont like candles. JewelScent, click here and get the candle, bath bomb or wax tart you chose. And just think if you get the lowest ring amount what you spent under ten dollars on the candle that will last so long, smell better then most candles you ever smelt. No lie, I got a ring candle from another site and I was disappointed because I can’t even wear the ring its to small and falls off my pinky. And one of the rocks fell out of that ring already. The ones I got from this site fit perfectly and look so pretty and after years they are still all intact.

JewelScent ring with code

So as you see by the picture above the item you buy, will come with a code attached to it and then you type in the code on the site where it says appraise my ring, and that will let you know how much the ring cost. Who knows you could be the lucky one and get a ring worth 7500. Now to me no matter how much the ring is your getting most your money back from the candle. But wish I could explain how good they smell. Just amazing. And even when not lit with the cover off you can smell it. Can’t say enough about how much I love these candles. And this is why I’m sharing this with you. Finally went back and ordered for the spring collection, the flowers and outside smell inside a candle.

If I remember correct I think that these two are the rings I got from them and both worth 25 dollars which is fine with me I’m happy with that because means the candles were free lol But I still would pay the price they are so worth it, soy candles and they got so much more, bath bombs and wax tarts, all with jewelry inside them too. They have rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can even just buy the necklaces and bracelets or earrings if you don’t want to buy the candle.

So check them out if this is something you would be interested in. Sorry for the odd post again but when I find something I like and know about I like to share with you all. If you all have tried or do try it please leave me a comment let me know what you honest opinion of the candle or what you bought. I like honest feedback and its ok if you didn’t like it, sure that you will if you like candles though.

#1 Jewelry Bath Bomb Co – A hidden jewel valued $15-$7500 in every bath bomb @JewelScent

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