5 Hilarious Videos About Freelance

Lets take a look into the funny side of freelance, and check out a few videos that is sure to make you laugh.

I have mentioned a bit about freelancing before in past posts and so many ways to make money online one I have really been seeing a lot lately is freelance work and I do think it is one of the best to make money right away if you need it. Can charge what you feel your worth or to stay in competition charge around what the other freelancers are charging for the same thing. The best way to make content for freelancing is canva, it has so much on there and you can make 40 dollars for a 60 second ad for tik tok. That is what others are charging for it and what all you have to do is put in a template change a name or two and there the easiest 40 dollars for 10 minutes or less of work. As you see the list of tik tok things that can be made and charged for that last one before take out menu, that is the one they are charging 40 dollars to make. They have all the social medias on canva so if you really want to make some cash today, right now I think this is the fastest way and much more interesting then taking surveys. Sure can make a lot more then survey taking in a very short period of time. Check out Canva Here I use it all the time post on social media.

So before I let you go would like to apologize for my long time in posting. I had been really searching best posting to get more traffic and kind of going through a writers block. Also keeping myself safe and went and got my first shot of the vaccine. Can not wait til the world can be back to normal. Hope everyone is doing ok out there. Please help me get more traffic and share to your social medias. And before you go let me know what it is you do for a side hustle? How have you been making ends meet during the pandemic if you had been unable to work or just not enough hours? Uber driving? Buying groceries for people for money? Let me know what you have been doing and if you plan to keep doing it?

Stay safe everyone and don’t forget mother’s day is coming up next month and like I had mentioned one of the greatest gifts is the Jewel Scent Candle with a ring inside. Or if your mother would prefer bath bomb that has a ring in it also or how about wax tarts make the house still smell as good as the candle. The best part about this site is that you get to chose the size of the candle. Other sites make you get what you get, so there you could get a ring that don’t even fit so your mother couldn’t even wear it. Jewel Scent long lasting soy candles smell so good and are so worth the price just for the smell alone but the long lasting is a bonus

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