Why can’t I make money online like others?

I have a friend that refuses to believe you can make money online, and this poor friend of mine has not a dime to his name, He sees influencers make money and shows off about them making so much money online. I have showed him my paypal proof yet… he still does not think he can do it. Hope some of these sites put some belief in you that it can be done.

poor man praying over his dinner, eating sitting on sidewalk

My friend has been battling a drug habit for many many years. He walks with a limp being that he is in so much pain. He has been fighting disability for years and just lost again so more fighting ahead for him. So he really could use money. Right now he should really thank the lord that the company that gives him a ride everyday to the clinic that is keeping him clean, the boss of this company bought him a year of rent in this studio apartment or some place cheap like that. I never seen the place only heard about it. But if it was not for that he would be in a homeless shelter or on the streets even. Feel so bad for him and he has been clean for a little while again. I know many people are maybe saying, well he finds money for drugs or he can just stay off drugs if he has no money. Please for the ones who have not been there.. you just don’t know the struggle. The doctors over the years got me addicted because they didn’t want to help me they claim that was all they could do for me. I had to get myself clean even though the pain drove me nuts and unable to function and do daily things we all do in life. But I’m sure looking at my friend and the pain he is in, is how he may have gotten addicted also. Some people just keep trying stronger and stronger things thinking it will take away every ounce of pain they got. I wish it were only so simple to take away all the pain. I never tried harder drugs but I knew my pain was never just going away completely. So a little insight to my life.

I have some sites that basically are like the rest but who knows maybe one will be for you. So before my long winded butt keeps talking and talking lets get on with the show.

Oneopinion, is your typical survey site. Like the rest take surveys make money but this one claims to be a little easier that you can get paid weekly by doing marketing studies. Think the cash out is 25 dollars because it says it is easy to get your first 25 dollars and get paid through paypal, venmo, or online gift cards.

They have high paying surveys and something called free sample tests to easily get that money to cash out. Alot of the testimonials calm to be a excellent site, even the best site some claim. One said payouts are fast and frequent. One of the best things I noticed on the very first page when reading about the site before signing up they have their phone number and says you can contact them whenever convenient for us and even through email or facebook. Now that is very rare. In fact I don’t think that i ever seen that in all the survey sites I came across or maybe I missed it but honestly don’t think so. My only question to that though is… do they actually answer the phone or the email?

screenshot of ip.drumo

Drumo is another survey site and its new to me not sure a lot about it but see it looks almost like my favorite site surveyjunkie which is mentioned in a few posts before. You get your payment in 24 hours and you can cash out one dollar. surveyjunkie makes you cash out at 5 and you get that payment within seconds but even at that 24 hours is the least I ever seen in all the other sites I been on besides surveyjunkie of course. If you need a fast payout I would suggest Drumo or surveyjunkie well worth it for a quick spot of cash when your in a bind. I know with surveyjunkie when I took the surveys on my phone they were 50 cents and less but when I downloaded the windows installer the surveys can be up towards 2 dollars I seen them as high as. So also get that money super fast too with surveyjunkie, unsure about the new one here I’ll have to get back to you on that, I just seen it looking just as my son asked me to look for something for him and I had a page up from my research before and seen it there, so took a look and glad I did. Just got more research to do on that one.

kashkick screenshot

Kashkick is another new site to me, I don’t know if they flooding the web with new survey sites or what’s going on just funny I had not noticed these site names before. This I did sign up for to check it out and it is kind of your basic survey site where you take surveys, do offers, download games and get paid when you reach a level they want, also searching the web however, while in the site I seen nothing that shows where or how I can search the web and get paid even though they make that claim on their sign up page, maybe it’s something happening in the future? I’m also glad this one is not on a point system as you see in the screenshot. Straight cash payments, which is so much better then trying to figure out what points equal what amount of cash. That can be tricky sometimes to figure out.

makesurveymoney.com screenshot

Makesurveymoney is another typical survey site just like the rest, I just like to put them in just incase this one appeals to one person and not another, we all have our own preference so I need to give a lot of different suggestions to hopefully appeal to everyone well at least try to for those who want to try these sites at least. Maybe its you.

survey,mysoapbox screenshot

Survey.mysoapbox is another site just like all the rest you see from the screenshot above that it has many options to chose from for payout but one thing i really liked if you look at the very last question…. you sign agree if you agree that lying is mean and not allowed at this site. Lol very different then most typical long winded policy that you make sure you never lie on any survey they will catch you. lol But that is why my long winded butt had to stop earlier knew this would end up being a long post today. Hope that you all like it took a lot of work to look into all and yes even though I wrote it short saying they were the same I had to look into each to find out but I did not want to bore you all with the same paragraph over and over about taking surveys, doing offers etc, etc so tried to keep it short and sweet for you. Last thing please take the time to join my new email newsletter. I will send out many goodies that will only be offered in my email newsletter and when I finish my ebook on my life I will give my email subscribers first access to that.

Stay safe everyone please. I would like to add, I have been clean for 10 years now almost to the date. April 11th 2011. which also happens to be my birthday. So I have been clean for a long time now, clean off all the painkillers the doctors had me so drugged out on. Until next time.

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