Will All Work And No Play Bring In The Money Or Will It Leave You Broke

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Thought for today I would take a break from money even though I know we all need it. So take a break yourselves even if just for a moment while reading my own scary story and watching these videos that I like to watch.

What type of videos do you like to watch in you spare time. Let me know in the comments. Really curious to know what you are watching. I myself like to watch a lot of money making videos on youtube this and articles on the web is where I get most of my posts from as you can see. Who knows maybe what I have posted about I’m sure most of you seen already or even watched the video where I had gotten my information from. But today is about our hobbies or spare time if you have any. I know with a lot of you being bloggers yourself, It is very hard to find anytime with researching and writing, writing just the right way to get views.. its hard. I have been reading so much lately my eyes have gone dry.

woman exploring a building with lots of graffiti

So I like to watch a lot of Ghost Hunting videos but only a few selected few that I actually like to watch and I also like to watch Urban Exploring. I did that when I was younger we had a couple places where I live and explored these places. Was exhilarating. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child just 19 years old and this place we were going to had claims of being haunted. It was the only house on a dead end gravel road. And as luck had it the name of that road was called… Elm street. No lie. But that didn’t stop us just made it more thrilling to go and check this place out. I went with a few school friends I still hung around with at the time and I was the only female and there were three other guys with. Of course the big scary guys made the big fat pregnant girl go first. Big babies they were. I didn’t care. I loved sh@t like that so I was more then happy to go first. It was early evening and misty out or had been raining earlier in the day… I can’t remember just remember that it was wet out because I walked on this board that led to the door of the house and slipped on the wet board and feel flat on my rear. And still at that the guys still did not go first, who cares that the pregnant one might get hurt. Men lol, sorry I should say boys cause they were around 19 also. Sorry guys just how I felt at that time, like how could they make a 8 month pregnant female go before them.

pregnant woman in woodsPhoto by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

But I brushed myself and pushed on. I walked to the doorway and just felt the rush kick in cause I knew I was going in a haunted house. I walked in the house and it still had so much in it still. I was just amazed at all the stuff left behind. I found pictures left in the house and it was a picture of how the house use to look. There was a older lady standing in front of the huge picture window and a old couch that was behind her under this big picture window. I remember how much green there was, think it was the curtains that were all green like that dark green. Not my color I would pick out but it could of been what was popular at that time which I think it was around the 60s the picture was taken. Was just a guess cause I wasn’t sure there was no date on the picture.

lady laying on a couch reading Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I don’t remember what the kitchen looked like, I don’t even remember if I went in it. Got to remember that was almost 30 years ago, so some details are a little fuzzy yet sorry. I do remember there being a bedroom downstairs, could of been more then one but I just remember one that I went in. I remember part of the house was falling in on one side a bit so this could of been the kitchen, or a place I don’t remember because I couldn’t go in.

We made our way upstairs. Now the rumors said that up in the attic dogs use to jump out this window and pass. Now that was just the rumor and the dogs got scared of something that was in the house that made them jump. Well we made our way upstairs and it was a narrow hallway you could go left or right and I think the left was where the house was bad so we never went that way, always to the right. The old items up there were just amazing. I love antiques. But first you pass, I don’t know what you call it. It was a room as big as a closet but it was long skinny like a hallway but it went the opposite way of the hall that I was coming from almost like a cross, if that makes sense. I don’t ever remember seeing it in any other house I was in just this house and that little hall closet thing was packed with old things so packed you couldn’t even walk in it on either side just pass through it to go to the next room.

Once we took one step to go in the next room which was the attic by the way. One step and we heard a noise downstairs. We paused and listened for the sound again… nothing. So we pushed on. Took another step into the attic and once again there was a sound downstairs. So another pause to listen, but nothing again. The sound only came when we stepped in the room. And yes it could of just been the old house making noise but the sound was not coming from under us when we took a step it sounded like it came from the opposite end of the house downstairs. So one more step and there was another sound we bolted for the door. Not taking a chance to whatever that noise could be.

scary woman face Photo by Elina Krima on Pexels.com

And that is what happened in that place, I know not a super scary story its they type you just had to be there to feel how we felt. Was scary when we were there of course and just so weird that it was only a sound when we took a step into that attic. Weird. Years later I had went back to that house and it was sos crumbed that there was absolutely no going into it anymore.

But now I just want to share a couple of the videos on youtube I just love to watch. The first is Brothers of decay. I just love how they make you feel as you are there with the family that lived in this house years ago. They go into a lot of mansions in Portugal and Italy. They just do a great job describing the people that use to live there and make you feel like you knew them too.

Brothers of Decay Youtube Video

The last two are ghost videos. Amy’s Crypt is my favorite. She is so real in what she does. I am a total skeptic. There are things in this world I do believe that no one can explain. I do believe that all the accounts of U.F.O’s, ghosts, bigfoot and whatever else is out there, I just do not believe that all these people that make claims are lying. There has to be some truth to some of these things said.

And last by not least by far is Urban Ghost Urban Exploration. They use to collab with Holywalkers and the voices they picked up in their videos just gave me the absolute chills.

I hope you all like this change of pace for once and sorry to those who only want to read the money posts. But if this type of video interest you then I also like to watch Hunting the Dead and Omar Gosh Tv. Just a few of my interests, what do you like to do in your spare time let me know in the comments and please if you want extras sign up for my email list. Will be lots of extras on there I got a few downloads coming for my email subscribers.

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