How To Accomplish Free Traffic and get More Money

We all know how happy we feel when you just start your blog and the traffic finally starts rolling in, but slowly. Today I’m going to let you know what I have learned to help you get more traffic and hopefully more money or start to get that money coming in.

I know a lot of you have a blog just like me this is why I decided to share what I have been learning past few days. SEO is still a challenge for me but I am trying to figure that one out. The little that I have learned is 1. include your target keyword in your introduction (once) 2. Use short URLs. in wordpress here on the right we have the option to shorten your URL 3. Add internal links. Like link back to old posts and add links going out to different blogs. Makes google notice more with the links. 4. Lastly promote your blog post. Like email a newsletter to your email list. Promote on all the platforms you can promote on, I will go over a list that I have learned of the 8 different places to promote. That is the biggest thing, promote, promote promote is exactly what I say when I answer questions in Quora.

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On the subject of Quora, that is one place I was going to let you know in my list of 8 places to promote your blog post or just your site in general. They even allow affiliate links in there from what I heard but they need to be done tastefully, not just thrown in anywhere and not make sense to where it’s put. Make a profile with your credentials and check off your areas of knowledge and answer questions, then after a few questions that is when I would add your link to your site if it fits in to the question your answering that is. I answer questions on the subject of free traffic for websites and I will answer what I am telling you but in much shorter form and then I would say “I’m still learning at my site here” and leave the name of my site. I don’t know if that is tastefully enough for them but I have not had any complaints yet and I do not leave my site name with every answer I give.

I do know if you leave an answer with a lot of value in it Quora can post in to the top or something, feature it, forgot but somewhere where it will get a lot of eyes so the more value you leave the more potential traffic you could bring in a long with sales if that answer has anything to do with your niche or whatever your promoting. Like if your promoting a weight loss program and you had answered a question with a lot of value about weight loss chances are those people went to read that answer because they were interested in weight loss and then they come to your site from there. So could be a sale or two from that answer you had left.

Answers is the same thing as Quora so not much I can say about this one. I do not go on this one as much as I should to be promoting my site, so for that reason I can’t let you know about their rules on leaving links. I think for the website part it is the same but before you leave a link of any kind I would make sure in their rules before you do that.

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Next we gonna talk about ones you know about facebook, twitter, instagram. With each of these sites you should make a page just for your site and put each one of your blog posts on each site to get the word out that you just posted a new blog. Then you can always add extra posts on facebook or one of the others to engage with your followers on that social media. The more you engage with them the more trust you can build with your followers and the more trust the more they turn into sales.

Pinterest is our next one and this is a visual search engine so you need to make pins and I have been learning a lot from people that use pinterest to blow up their blogs. There are so many people that use pinterest every single day and just imagine harvesting some of that traffic. You need to use canva to make visual pins. You can use this free but a lot of the best templates and pictures come from pro. But I for now just use free version it does just enough for me right now. I know I could make the most eye stopping pins though but just not in the right place for that now, soon as I can get caught up with these bills then I can start investing in things like this. But anyway I have read a lot and you need to make a account for your blog just like any other social media and pin all your pins there so the word can get out on there when you post a new pin. A blogger use to post her pins to group boards but some have gotten strict on things so she just keeps her pins to her board and pins other pins to group boards. I’m sure she pins somethings to group boards to get the word out but just like any other social media you need to make sure what you can and can not post to that group board first. A lot of the big bloggers I have been reading from pinterest had gotten a very huge following from pinterest so it can be done, just need to consistent with pinning just like with your posts, or with any social media for that matter have to be on top of them all to keep your readers with new content no matter where your posting. Even if it is just to tell them you put out a new post it is something new and will make them come to your site each and every time you let them know.

Then there is reddit and linkedin. Both of these you post just like any other site I had mentioned. Reddit you want to follow the right subreddit and post in the correct areas and you want to check the policy on posting links, this is one I don’t utilize either nor linkedin. I know i’m missing out on traffic but I tell ya it is very hard to post to all these places and try to do research on blog posts and try to make money with affiliate marketing. Plus clean the house, cook lunch and dinner. It all adds up in a day. But I did read somewhere that you should really pick a social media platform and own it. I kind of a agree with how hard it is to keep up posting on all of them when you are just one person.

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The last bit of information I have for you is the best in my opinion and I honestly think this one will help a lot. May take a little bit but once you get noticed you should blow up. On a blogger podcast I heard that you need to go find a poplar blog that is in your niche so these people will want to read what you have to say also, make sure you subscribe to their rss feed so you can know when they post right away and you want to be the first person to write a comment because the first comments are the ones that stay on top of all the other comments. Then everyone that goes to that post will see your comment on top and then they should in turn come to your blog.

I also heard a lot about guest blogging and that is one thing that should also blow up the traffic on your blog too but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that one. If you are just starting a blog make sure you start a email list right away. That list will always be yours if any social media or website that is hosting your blog goes down, the list is yours to keep and you will always have access to your subscribers then to keep then interested until you can figure out your next move or for your affiliate marketing. I read that most of the sales from affiliate marketing come from emailing your subscribers. With that in mind before I end this post please don’t forget to subscribe to my email list too. I have lots of goodies just for my email subscribers, like learning how to make good ads on facebook that will get you the sales and much much more.

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