1 two part process to make money online

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Good day to everyone hope it has or is a wonderful one for you. Today I’m going to talk about one that takes two sites to run correctly and you can’t get paid without the other. I hope that this helps someone even looks pretty interesting like it is something I might look into for another income source. Remember to always have multiple income sources.

I heard a good saying today that really stuck a cord with me, made me really think the truth behind this is just so true.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleepyou will work until you die

Warren buffett
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But before I get into the two part money maker I’m going to talk about another money making site. This one really interested me too. Both of these really make me want to try it. Think I have to try them before I talk about them so I can show you the proof… if there is any. But if I do get a chance to try any I will be sure to let you know.

txtbroker.com screenshot

So the first site is Textbroker , this company works with big and small companies. Your gonna write for these companies. Like Yoast, Staples, Ebay and more, and registration is free so no money out of pocket. You can do weekly payoffs as soon as you earn 10 dollars or more. Textbroker pays you as soon as the client accepts the article you wrote. They find the work for you and you can choose from thousands of orders to fill. Helpful feedback from editors that rate you and give you stars and tell you where you need to improve . They rate on a star system. The better your writing is the higher your star score will be. 5 stars is the highest from what I seen and that pays up to 5 cents per word. When you sign up they will ask for a writing sample so they know where to start your pay scale. There is a example bar you can move to see your possible pay. If you can write 4000 words and your a level 4 star, then it can equal out to 200 dollars a day. Know that is something easy you can do that if your a blogger. Us bloggers can type and the words can flow out. Got a simple hack if you want things to go faster with your typing, or don’t have very good typing skills. Go to google docs, sign up if you don’t have a google account. It’s free to sign up. Then in google docs you can go to tools, than go to voice typing. There you just need to speak and it will type it all out. They also have flexible time management. You write on your own time as often as you like. If you do start off with no skill, they have a lot of things to help you with your writing skill so you can move up in the company. You can earn more stars and get paid more than. I like to think I am a pretty good writer. Do know my grammar and editing needs some work but I think I could do this one.

You like hits is the first part to the two sites that have to go together to actually cash out the money. This is the site you make the points then the second site is where you actually cash out your money. But as for youlikehits your going to sign up for a free account and on here, you need to make points. The more points you make the better at the end. You need the points to get the hits to the site that will make the cash you can cash out. If this is making sense. To get the points you need to go to earn points. You can go to each different site and follow people or go down to the bottom and go to websites and click on the site and just wait for the timer to go down and that’s it, there is your points. On twitter or other social media you actually have to go follow then come back to youlikehits and confirm your following them. Then you collect the points once your follow is confirmed. Once you feel you have enough points then you go to the second site.

CPALead and sign up for a free account here also. Call Per Action is what this means. And your just directing people to click on a link and sign up for the free gift or what offer you choose. Click on offer page, Grab your referral link from which ever offer you chose to use. The offers are no monetary commitment they just need to sign up for the free item and you get paid. Go to a link shortener to make the link look much better than this long link. Bitly is the shortener I use most the time when I need a link shortener. Then your going to want to go to twitter yes twitter. You can have a brand new twitter and it will still get you paid. Make a tweet about the offer you just picked up. Lets say you picked a offer about 1000 paypal giveaway. Say something like new giveaway and enter here for free to enter free giveaway. Something like that. Something that could catch their attention. Then your pasting that link you shortened. Then click on the tweet itself and copy the link in the url but you want the numbers at the end only after status/ …… then them numbers and take them numbers back to youlikehits and you want to take that to add/edit sites. Go into twitter and go into retweet and paste that id number then click add tweet. Then it will take the points you just made and your paying for people to retweet the tweet you just made then some of these people that just retweeted your tweet could have thousands of followers then they can share the link, and more its retweeted the more you get paid and it will add up more and more money. Then you can start earning more money and repeat that process. Then cpaleads will be paying out the money to your paypal or where ever you want to collect your money. Hope that you can understand this if not feel free to ask questions email me anytime or leave a comment. I know it is kind of confusing. Basically the first site is to make the points and the points go to pay for people to retweet your money maker tweet. I was kind of confused at first also so don’t feel bad if your little confused with this one. Know the two part process can throw people off. Well that’s it for this one hope that you enjoyed this and got some massive value from it. Please comment below if anyone does try any of these and what was your outcome with any of the posts I had sites or apps that generate any money. If you did try how much or how much didn’t you make? If you really need money and need money now and have the patience to do surveys then the one that pays out as soon as you hit cash out is surveyjunkie. It’s one I had much success with also Lifepoints panel. Lifepoints takes a week to get your money both go straight to paypal but they are very quick to cash out.

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And lastly please sign up for my email extras. Working on blog post helper. Reminder checklist to get on each and every social media and let them all know about your new blog post to bring that traffic in, reminder about seo and keywords in your blog post and so much more. Only if you think this is something you will be interested in. Plus a ebook about blogging for profit.

Have a good day or evening. Me I’m off to bed I have to be up at 4 am. Til the next one stay safe.

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Really old song I really like and I don’t know spanish that well just knew I liked the song and here it is in english words with the spanish song in background.

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