These 3 Sites Want To Challenge Your Expert Freelance Writing Skills

I know I mentioned freelance a lot but this is such a money maker for bloggers, at least this is my opinion. We are all writers as bloggers and we can make so much extra money writing for other companies. Also think for most of us just starting out as new bloggers we are waiting for some cash to come in and for most its not coming in fast enough. I think these three sites are a very excellent side hustle made easy for us bloggers. So Let’s jump into it.

This is worldwide furthermore, it’s probably the most straightforward approaches to make cash online since there is no selling, no subsidiary showcasing, no online media devotees required and no past experience required you need to reorder some content and in the event that you read until the end of this blog you will actually make a lot more cash, since I will be telling you three extra sites from which you can get paid.
So how about we start here.
I’m going to show you how you can use google to get paid.
This takes very little of your time to do under 30 minutes and get money straight to your paypal. On the off chance paypal is not accessible in your country or you would prefer not to utilize paypal. then you can
select other alternatives like a bank transfer, or payoneer. Step number one, go to

google news screenshot

Step number two you need to look for google news once you look for google news I need you to open on the first official site this is where you can discover the most recent news and the most recent articles
on every one of the subject all throughout the planet ,so you can discover
everything on here news about governmental issues about business
innovation diversion sports science wellbeing, history and whatever you can think of, you can discover it on this site. Might ask me how might this make you cash how will you get your paypal cash. Well keep reading and you will see precisely how this works.

So on the left hand side you have every one of the different subjects
on the news all around the world. All this is about what’s going on the planet at this moment. Your own local news is something that we won’t
zero in on you basically need to concentrate as it were on business, innovation, amusement, sports, and science. For the most part wellbeing
for instance in the event that classification that will give me the entirety of the most recent news and every one of the most recent articles identified with wellbeing. So what you need to do is open up this article, don’t stress you won’t need to compose articles and you won’t need to sell anything this has nothing to do with advertising, cpa, promoting. All you truly need to do is open up that article and you simply begin replicating text from that specific article.

Step number three, continue to the third site that we will utilize which is Here you should paste that article which you found on google news in spinbot. Then spinbot will revise that article for you so you can have that whole article in your own words which implies that way it turns out to be totally exceptional. You can use those articles on three more extra sites which I will give you those sites, and they will pay you for those articles. Some of those sites are willing to pay up to one dollar for each word. News sites have at times a large number of words and you can simply crunch the numbers.

Once you discovered the article you want to use, just copy the article then paste that text in the first box on the spinbot site. Then click I’m not a robot and you will simply need to click go. That will revamp the whole article for you as you can see the setting is pretty much the equivalent yet it’s utilizing extraordinary words it is utilizing equivalent words and it’s modifying it in your own words so you can duplicate that interesting and revamped article and you can utilize the following three sites to get paid for those articles the main site that we will utilize is.

eatingwell screenshot

Site 1: Eatingwell… here you can present your own articles that you compose or off spinbot. Get paid for doing that
rather than you doing all the hard work of composing those articles. They will pay you up to one dollar per word so this is the primary site. You simply need their email address than go to your email and simply email them with a headline telling them article submission and just email your own article
which you made. They will look at it and on the off chance that they like
it they will ask you for your paypal or how you would like your payment sent to you.

sierra club screenshot

Sierraclub this site is a little different you need to discover something
identified with innovation or science so open up an article from the subjects
of science at that point duplicate its content also, paste it to spinbot let them modify for you and submit it over to sierraclub email address. The third and the last site where you can present your articles is over at daily.jstor

daily jstor screenshot

You can head toward their rules. This site will pay you a smidgen less cash however just for up to 2 000 words and they will pay you around 31 cents and that still equals out to 620. Not a bad haul if your just using spin bot.

Hope this has given some value to one of you out there. Even if your not a blogger, who couldn’t use a little extra cash and easy cash at that. This sure can bring in a pretty decent side hustle if your article is accepted. Remember sign up for my email for a lot more extras like this and free downloads to help with many ways to make money.

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4 thoughts on “These 3 Sites Want To Challenge Your Expert Freelance Writing Skills

  1. Those are yours alright! . We at least need to get these people stealing images to start blogging! They probably just did a image search and grabbed them. They look good though!


    1. I’m not sure what you are talking about. There are sites that offer free images to share on blogs or any other sites. They are copyright free. You are referring to what?


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