Sites to help with traffic to your blog or links.

Do you need to boost your traffic to your site? Think most of us just beginning would like a little boost in traffic. It is so hard to get all the “rules” down to get the traffic flowing to your site. Like SEO, backlinking, long- tailed keywords, keywords, titles that will make them click and so on and so forth. So much just never ending. It’s just so hard but I have some sites that can help get some traffic to your site. I had found that 37 dollar one I had mentioned and that is also for a year and not just for affiliate links but can be used. says advertise 5 websites change anytime. It’s a massive URL rotator. Under diamond URL rotator, if your interested, heck Iam for only 37 dollars for a whole year, now that is well worth it.

worldprofit screenshot

The first site I have for you is. Worldprofit Association. They give you a guarantee 50,000. Yes you read that correct 50,000. However in my results I only seen worldprofit in there with 4 visitors. Not sure how and when or if them visitors will show up to my site but thats 4 visitors I did not have before. This is a everyday thing however that I see new visitors coming from worldprofit. Had to clarify this. I did not just get 4 out of the 50,000, I am continually getting traffic from their site and there is a counter shows how many have looked at your site on their end and came to visit. So numbers maybe different but they show a way you can check and keep track of visitors. Please use my link go check them out, with the 50,000 visitors and all the extras on the site. It is a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need for your site or affiliate links. It is such a awesome site. They also have few other goodies on there for free if you chose to look around. If you wanted to pay 97 dollars you could have your link or affiliate link get bounced around for a whole year in the emails the site sends out to what they call a safelist. I had seen one almost like that for 37 dollars to put your affiliate link in places, If I find the add before I am done with this post I will let you know exact details. They also have 20+ traffic sources for free. PLR vault and I had found some great ones to use for my email list. This site has a lot I still haven’t even checked out all the things they have to offer yet. To me some of the things are a little pricey like the silver package and I have not even checked out the other packages either after seeing the price of the silver. But that is things some people can afford, me on the other hand I can but I Think its just a little pricey but I am sure they have a lot that goes in with the package, things I possibly can do myself instead of paying that much. But the free items I do like and I do hope that the visitors come to my site as they claim. And then on to the next site.

seoclerks screenshot

Now before I had mentioned sites like guru and upwork well I was shown another site seoclerks and from what I see this one is a lot cheaper. I even used the service myself for one dollar only. And what I am getting I think I would pay 5 dollars or more on one of the other sites. I could be wrong I never looked up what service I had. I really think It was so worth it. You can also pay to get your site top 3 ranking in google things like that. I had seen it for cheap then when I just logged back in I seen it for pretty pricey. Like 250 pricey. Maybe that is a good price for that type of service, you tell me what you think would be a good price to get in the top 3 ranking on google. You see in the screenshot that’s when I logged back in and seen that price. Thought I had seen it for 10 or 20 dollars when I logged in the first time but I honestly didn’t pay super close attention and maybe it was for some different service.

I was also thinking about that site you like hits I mentioned before and you could use that site also to bring people to your site and your really not paying for visitors and even though most people are just going to sites for the points on that site who knows maybe it could get a couple to actually stick around and want to check out your site. I mean they will be hanging out on the site for a couple seconds and they could get enough input to decide if they like what they see or not. I think that would be just the same as someone coming from a search engine and seeing if they like what they see or they just leave right away. What do you think? Do you think it’s wrong to get people to your site like that? Would like to hear your opinion on this one. I don’t think it is bad. If you were paying for people that would be a bit different because most them people have no interest in what you have to offer so most would not even come check out your site more than once or like paying for a email list, most them people will not buy because this is something they did not sign up for they were just put there. That’s kind of how I see buying visitors. But I spose it could be almost the same concept that you could get the possibility of someone staying. At least here you aren’t actually spending the money just spending credits earned. Think this is totally up to the individual and it’s for them to decide. But still want to hear what you think of the issue.

Last thing is how I got onto this site I just thought was amazing in this video. If any of you are into affiliate marketing this is the site for you. With the cheap prices can easily and cheaply get that affiliate link all over the place and sit back and collect the income. If you would like to see the video let me know and I will share that in my next post. But that would be it for today. Let me know if you got value from this post. This is all I want to do is give value and help you guys out in any shape or form that I can find online. If there is anything you would like me to post about please let me know that also be happy to post whatever that is knowing it should help. Thank you for the readers I have now and new ones to come. Appreciate each and every one of you, let me write which is something I love to do and write about something I really love.

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  1. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it can survive a 25 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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