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There are so many sites online that like i had mentioned before I could go on forever. I always try my best to look for new ones. Sometimes I mention ones that I had mentioned before. They usually go hand in hand with what Im talking about. So I do apologize if I repeat a few here and there. Sometimes there can be a update about a site or app that could interest you. So for that reason, I want to make sure I let you all know when that does happen. But anyway I know I have a few new ones you all should like here.

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So how many of you all like to listen to music? ” I raise my hand” I love it and I think most people love to listen to music. It is so relaxing and meditative even if you are listening to that very heavy rock and roll stuff. That can be very relaxing to one that is not relaxing to another. This is the reasoning for all the different types of music. I honestly believe music is food for the soul. Well for those of you that can listen to any type of music ten why not make a little cash off that. Sliceofthepie. here you only need to listen to 90 second tracks then leave a 50+ word review on the song. At first you only get paid a few cents per song but that does go up as you progress in the program. The minimum is 10 dollars to cash out through paypal. Music Xray is the next site that you do basically the same as sliceofthepie but for this one you can get up to a dollar. Must be a minimum of 20 dollars to cashout on this site.

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How about games. Would you like to get paid just for playing games? There was one games I played a lot and I already made a post about it, I cashed out 40 dollars twice on this game. I only started out with 5 dollars each time. Solitaire Cash is the name of that game. If your good at solitaire then you for sure can make some money with this game it is very easy. Then there are games like Gamezone and GSN Cash games There are so many more you can find in the play and app stores that will pay money.

If games aren’t your thing Micro-tasks are? Them are essentially small jobs or small tasks. Think most of us heard of Amazon MTurk . I have not checked them out but could be something for you. Clickworker is another one. I have not been on any of these micro-task jobs so here I will give the sites to you. Than if this is something your interested in check it out. Last one is

How would you like to sit back and test websites or apps all day. UserTesting is one I had mentioned before but this is one of the best ones if you decide to test sites. Up to 30 dollars a hour you could possibly get paid. You get 10 dollars paid via paypal for every 20 minute video you watch. Just need to make sure you have a microphone because you will be giving your review for this site. Userfeel if they are accepting new people yet I’m not sure. Then there is and few more sites. Hope this will get you started if this is something you chose to look into.

How about testing products from home? The first two on this list in my research I forgot if this is something they do. I have been a member for quit a long time for each but never tested anything. I admit the first one I have not even been on in a long time. National Consumer Panel and if they do product testing I never knew. Only thing I heard is that they pay 3 dollars for each survey however I never was able to qualify for one survey so gave up a while ago. The next one is Nielsen Consumer Panel this one I have been apart of for years. Which I have talked about before. Cashed out a lot of money from this site but never able to test any product. That site is just about scanning your groceries. That is what they want to know from the consumer and in turn a lot of cash and prizes from this company. I love it. The two seem the same both sites are ncp in the url but they are just slightly different. Both equally as good sites I think. Good Housekeeping Product Tester . I never knew good housekeeping had that either. Guess just as they say we learn something new everyday.

Hope that everyone is having a great day or night and most of all please stay safe, This is almost over. Sign up for my email extras. Got a blog post helper, shows you all the different places to bring in organic traffic and don’t forget my last post with my doubled traffic. It honestly works if you need a boost up in views and visitors.

Here is one more site to help with traffic and sales

Leads, Leads, Leads!

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