Vaccine will get us back to work and back to normal

I know many of you are hesitant about getting this new vaccine. Trust me it is save for most of us. Yes everyone has different body makeup and things can happen. That happening though is a very rare thing. Yes the Johnson and Johnson had a few kinks to work out and that they did. But just how I see that vaccine it seems like it would be getting people a little more sick then then other two. It’s one strong dose going in your body all at once. To where the other two have it broken up into two shots. This is just my take on it.

person getting a shot in arm

Think of all the vaccines we had gotten growing up. We are just fine from them are we not? Yes some may of had a few complications just like I said our bodies are all different. But for the most part 99% are ok. Just 1% had some issues. This is the same with these new vaccines. If you look at the actual percent of people who took the shot and are perfectly fine to those who had some complications (not talking about Johnson and Johnson here) the ratio is very low of people who had had major complications.

1 out of 7 people have any side effect. Which most side effects are mild the day after. Only 8%….8% of people reported getting a headache after first dose. 13% yes still very low only 13% got headaches after the second dose. The most common side effect was fatigue and they told me that would be more common after the second dose. Because the second dose is stronger than the first. You see how low these percentages are.

Over 70% of older us adults are fully vaccinated. That is a huge number of vaccinated people and you did not hear about a lot of those people getting sick or dying. Do not believe any of the horror stories out there cause that’s all they are, are stories. When you get your vaccine you can go online and sign up to report how your feeling everyday any symptoms you maybe having. And now days everyone has phones that go online so I’m sure a lot of people reported their feelings after the vaccine for about a week or so. That means most of these horror stories would be more widely known all over the news saying this is happening to this person and that happened to that person. The news anchors are just as scared as any of us if they haven’t taken it yet or they want them ratings so any bit of effects they would have blasted all over the news foe them ratings.

My whole family got their vaccine and not one terrible side effect to report. My arm was sore from the second dose on the day after but was not from the first dose. They monitored me for a half hour after each shot because when I was little I was allergic to be stings. They are super cautious when giving this vaccine with everyone. EMTs sit right in the room where everyone sits after your dose and keeps an eye on everyone. Looks at the injection site before you leave.

I really think everyone who can be vaccinated should. I know you along with everyone else in this world would love to go back to pre-pandemic days Businesses would love to open up full capacity with no restrictions. I for one would love to back to the movie theater again. Even if they opened earlier I wouldn’t have gone. Just to risky. Just as I believe( remember this is just my opinion) the bars are a huge risk. All unmasked people jammed into a super crowded place. You know if just one person has Covid-19 in that bar, they just passed it to every single person there potentially. I do understand these places are losing tons of money but that as hard as it is on the government, that is their place to help those businesses out.

Please think of everyone else not just yourself. Get the shot so the world, businesses, jobs can all go back to normal. Would be nice to have some normalcy back in out lives. Just like any other vaccine you get when you grow up this is just another added to the list. And I know you all would love to throw away those god awful masks. Let’s move forward not stay stuck in this pandemic. It is not as bad as you think. It don’t hurt. Just sore after if you even get sore, not everyone does.

This may seem like a odd post and you maybe thinking what does this have to do with money. It has a lot to do with money. Our world will not move forward with jobs and work for people if we all don’t do our part and stop the spread.

fully vaccinated person

Well I hope this helps anyone who was undecided. It is really only to help everyone get back to normal. We all need to go back to what normal lives we had and kick this pandemic… the curb!

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