Freelance, are we afraid to take this full time?

Why are most of us afraid to take that next step and do freelance full time? The income potential is there. Once the clients start coming in, we are sure to make enough money to pay the bills and have money left over for fun. Getting rich from freelance, That I’m not to sure of. In order to make a lot of money here we got to put in the work. But nothing is for free, not even passive income.

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There are so many different sites that I have mentioned in my past blogs about where to do freelance jobs. Guru, fiverr, upwork and freelancer. So many sites, so many people looking for people to do odd little jobs for them. It could be almost anything, making a intro or outro for a Youtube video. Make pins for their company because they don’t have time to sit and make them. Manage a companies social media page. A could go on forever talking about all the different jobs that people hire for on these sites, this is just a handful.

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With a lot of motivation and maybe a lot of work, they claim you can make 5,000 to 10,000 in freelance work. It may not even take a lot of work. In the beginning when you are just starting your freelance career you might have to take on a lot of gigs to get a lot of reviews and get your name out there to the clients. But after time you can charge more because they will know that you are good at what you do. Like in SEOclerks, they have so many different jobs on there just like all the rest of them. I have used this one and was very impressed with how fast my job was finished. And what was done for me.

Let’s look at one job, virtual assistant. Might ask what that is and what they do. A virtual assistant does almost everything you do on a daily basis being a blogger.

  • blogging
  • appointment scheduling
  • writing
  • graphic design
  • social media management
  • proofreading
  • booking travel
  • email management
stuff a virtual assistant would do

Being a blogger you do all this by yourself anyway. Well most of it. Why not get paid to help someone else out in your spare time. I really don’t need the extra cash but never hurts to have an extra way to get money just incase i need it someday. Think this is something I’m going to look into and just take on a couple small jobs and see where that take me, I won’t have the time til next month though so if I do venture into this I will be sure to let you know and let you know how much I make. If any of you have been doing any freelancing on the side or even as a main job, let us know how much you make? How many hours do you put in? All that good stuff. Sure a lot of people who been thinking of doing this as a side job would love to know what they could be getting themselves into. I myself would love to know before I jump into this. But I do think its good either way it goes if not for full time definitely good for a side hustle. All I have read it does sound like it could be a full time gig. But for most people that would be a huge jump in their income 5,000 to 10,000 extra. I know with one person working in my house we could use money like that, but I don’t know that I could do all that is required to be a virtual assistant. I can hardly keep up with running my house and also doing research for my blog then typing and editing. I don’t have any team to help me I do it all myself and I’m sure you can tell in my editing. I know that is one of my weakness. Not very good at editing.

typewriter for writing

I know I will be looking into freelancing very soon though. But I think that this is all for today. Hope this gives you some value into freelance and if it is something you thought of getting into, this helps you out in your decision. I will keep you informed of my decision also. Thanks for reading. Have yourself a great rest of your night/day. Stay safe. Please don’t forget about signing up for my email newsletter and extras.

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