Let’s look into Cryptocurrency and Stocks

Have you ever started investing in crypto or stocks yet? I have just bare minium just to see what it is like and still learning and getting to know things. I have tried three different places to try and invest with and just gonna let you know about each one and what I have learned so far.

Graphs on computer and phone

Welbull is the first one on the list. They give you in-depth tools with charts to understand your stocks and helps you understand what you are looking at. They also have crypto trading. Stocks and crypto all in one spot, no need to go to different sites when it all can be done right here. I have a little crypto on paypal. I started out with bitcoin cash and doubled my money and then tried just bitcoin and now its just sitting not going up, slightly going down but sure is not going up at all. But just like all these sites you can get free things and webull gives you free stock when you get so much money in your account and sign ups. Your first deposit you get Get 2 FREE stocks
valued up to $1850! Super great deal. Could be top companies they give you too. They chose which ones but who cares it’s free, makes it so worth it.

Webull free stock signups. Come join me and learn the world of stocks over at webull.

stock market prices Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Robinhood gives you up to 500 dollars free stock every year. They have a section just for documents to read so you can understand what you are doing. For each site you do tell them if you have any experience in stock trading or not so they know that you know absolutely nothing or a little. Whichever it is they will help you either way through the process.

recurring buys and earning crypto pic

Coinbase is just for trading crypto. They have every type of crypto on the site. Any one you could think of. I have to say out of the three i think Coinbase might be my favorite. They make you want to learn a little of what your diving into because they pay you for learning. You make a lot too not just a couple pennies or just one bitcoin nothing like that. Got ten dollars in one crypto, not bitcoin but a different one. So they do reward you. You can borrow from your bitcoin if you need a advance in money even. They try to help here in many ways. Think this is why I like it so much.

can borrow from bitcoin screenshot

Coinbase get 10 dollars free in Bitcoin

This is a short one tonight bad weather really messed up my research to add more to this one and now I have my grandson overnight so got to keep a eye on a toddler now. I will try to get a post out tomorrow too if i can get it in.

Thanks for reading hope this gave you a little value and learning about stocks and crypto. Have a good night or day see you on the next one.

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