4 easy ways you can make a attractive passive income while online

Got another one for you today. Back to making money online with this one today. Very easy ways to make income with these 4 ways.

webinar Pexels.com

1.Webinar is a good way to make money online. Just turn on your camera and talk about what you know. You don’t have to be an expert in the field that you chose to talk about. However you should have some knowledge of the subject so you know what your talking about one camera or people will no want to purchase the webinar. You also should have a mic. The ones on the laptop are not the best and you can pick up a fairly cheap one that has super good sound for around 20 dollars.

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2.Ebooks are a excellent way to bring in some income. They don’t have to be really long. You can make it relatively short, just a few pages and still make a few dollars from it. Even a few dollars can add up once you sell it to 50 people. If you take the time and make it longer then you can sell it for more. If you don’t have the time to write your own book they have many sites with what is called plr =Private Label Rights. You can download one and change it to your book as if you have written the book. Many people make a lot of money off of plr books. Its a very lucrative business.

spreadsheetPhoto by Lukas on Pexels.com

3.Last two kind of go hand and hand only because they both could be made from the same app. Unless you have your own app that you use. Selling spreadsheets on etsy. They are hugely popular on etsy more then you could possibly think. Many homemakers love to download sheets they can print off to help with their finances. Or maybe a spring cleaning list. You could sell one budgeting spreadsheet for as much as 15 dollars. That will add up fast for just making one sheet that will continue to sell over and over again. I will let you know the app to use after I talk about the next one since they both can be done there.

Photo by Chay Garcu00eda on Pexels.com

4.Image editing turned into pins for pinterest, facebook stories, instagram posts etc. Even intro and outro for youtube videos. All your editing needs in one app. And if you look on fiverr or upwork you can see they charge a pretty sizeable amount to do these jobs for people like me a blogger who don’t have the time to do it myself or other online business owners. And for us bloggers who are looking for extra income. They have plenty of templates to make spreadsheets or spring cleaning, anything you want you can make it on canva. I use this app every day to make pins for pinterest. And my social media posts. I love this app. You don’t even have to download a app if you don’t want to. They even have a website.

So there is my list to help anyone looking for different types of online jobs again. You can make a lot of money on these. There is no cap on what you could possibly make. When people start to buy the income can be endless.

Good luck in your passive income search. Hope this helps with that search and you start making money from any one of these or even all if you wanted. Let me know in the comments which one you would chose to do, which sounds the easiest.

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