Party for my two year old grandson

Party for my grandson

Im sorry I have not been posting been real busy with my grandsons birthday party and then I got really sick, I am still not back to myself but feeling a bit better to come on and post what has been going on. So if this one does not appeal to many of my readers my apologizes but I had not had anytime to do research.

As you see by the title we threw a huge party for my grandson at the lake. Was almost 90 degrees fahrenheit here yesterday. I did not get a chance took what it topped out at was just too busy all day.

Then with the heat, and something I ate I spent the night in the emergency room. I had been sick for over three hours with almost constant vomiting. I pray nothing is wrong, this is the second time I had gotten sick like this just out the blue. I am a person who never gets sick. I haven’t gotten my flu shot in over 10 years and have not got the flu. I just never get sick. I am super healthy besides for my back. That is the only thing wrong with me. But that is something I have had all my life, since I was born. But enough of that.

The party was perfect yesterday. Everything went off without any issues. Got lots of pics if anyone is interested in getting to know me and my family a little more. I only wish I had taken some pictures of the lake it was so pretty yesterday.

They also did a piñata but I had to walk far to the bathroom and by the time I got back they were done already so I missed that part. That was the little birthday boy in the pictures and my cousin having a blast with him. He is such a kid person always been. Ever since he was little he was just a wild one and still now a grown man still wild as ever just uses the kids as the excuse.

mommie getting a face full of cake

Sorry I’m not the best picture taker, The sun being so bright and us inside a shelter I think it darkened it to much, maybe 🤔 But the best thing at the party was the Tres Leche cake( 3 Milk Cake). Was super hard too keep it cold on such a hot day but laid it in a bed of ice and it actually stayed together. I don’t know if that is what got me sick but no one else got sick, so I just don’t think it could be food poisoning like the Doctor said.

Well sorry for the short post today maybe tomorrow I will feel better to be able to do some research and get a good post up for you. Hope you can enjoy the little family time for now. And If you would like a recipe for Tres leche cake leave it in the comments. I will get one out for you. Thanks for reading. And don’t forget to sign up for my email freebies. Got a awesome one coming out very soon you don’t want to miss it.

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