Let’s accomplish dropshipping today and find out how amazing it is

Dropshipping can be a very rewarding business if you put in the time and effort. Once you put in that time, it will become a lot of passive income from there. Passive? Well is there such thing as partially passive? Well let us dive into this and find out what you think, is it passive, partially passive? Or not even passive .

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I have yet to try this one. I know once I get the time this is one thing I would like to try for sure. I have watched a few online videos of youtubers trying dropshipping for a week. Some turn out pretty good and some just ok. I think it is just like affiliate marketing but not as hard to sell. Just have to do a lot of promoting just like you would your blog or website. Basically that is what your store will be is a website.

You can even start a store here on wordpress. They have the patterns to get you started. Got the item with prices after so simple to just change it to your item and price. For those of you that didn’t know where to put their store. If you click on the plus on the right hand upper corner and go search through patterns you should find it in there. Might be more I’m not sure I just noticed the one.

Let’s take a look into where to begin after you know where you can put your store on wordpress here or where ever you decide to put it. There are only a few steps after you set up your store. That is the hardest part from what I hear, well watched on videos. Takes a lot of work to find each item you want to sell. You will look at sites like alibaba or aliexpress to see your cheap prices, then go to where you find the pictures you need to get the high price. You set your price in between to whatever you want. For the really good picture to put on your site. Most people will just go to walmart online or straight to manufacture online and just take a screenshot. Once you get all the items you want to sell and store set up, promote, promote, promote.

After you start getting sales in, then is this partially passive or passive? You copy and paste the customers info into aliexpress or alibaba and click the item they want, that’s it. They do the shipping so nothing left for you to do. Then from what you decide to charge you can make a profit of at least 50% from each item, and if your store becomes a hit then you will be making 6 figures in no time.

I had read that one man made a lot of money from dropshipping just from one single item. Must been one popular item that’s for sure. So tell me is this something you would embark on? Or have you tried this already? Are you still doing it? You making any profits?…thinks to self, dumb question, pretty sure they making some profit. Let me know in the comments below an answer to anyone of these questions.

I have to make this another short post. I am feeling like 95% better, body just sore from all that vomiting, ugh! Pray never again. But I live way in the country surrounded by a forest, we are going through a thunderstorm right now and it is usually highly likely that our electric goes out and rather not that happen in the middle of typing. Have your self a awesome night or day and please stay safe.

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