How I got lot of traffic to my affiliate links and blog

I stumbled on a site that really helped me a lot to get my links out to a lot of people. Got it out in emails also and advertising. I started out free and realized the little bit I was getting from that knew I could do a lot more by paying a little bit of money. Paying that little bit only got me so much more back. Got my payment back that’s for sure. So if this is something you would like to check out and pay for just remember you could get your payment back just like I did and did not take long at all.

It is only one place that I use the most, and other site that I use to promote this site but I am only going to focus on this first site because of all the things it has to offer and it so well worth it.

As you see from the picture above. Email and web marketing and they bring in real traffic to your site. You can earn money and win contests. The email subscriber list is just amazing to how many people they send your daily email out to for free and can choose to do more if you pay which is super cheap.

Herculist Plus is the site with all them awesome tools to help you get ahead of your affiliate game and finally start earning some money. Sure boosted my sales. If you want to submit a solo ad like I said it is super cheap only 5.95 usd. And just today only you might want to jump on the deal they are tripling all orders, so your one solo ad will be tripled I’m guessing to the amount of people. I haven’t did this so not sure but it is so worth it I’m telling you, this is not a bit waste of money. Click here and it will take you to the triple solo ads page.

Then we got their email list….

As you see over 81,500 people your email gets sent to. So your affiliate link gets out to so many people that it’s hard not to make a sale with this site. I for one just love all they have to offer just so worth it. The email list here is a little more, ranges in prices but it is a sale to they are quadrupling this one also. So you know your getting your money worth. When they do these sales they don’t last so I knew I had to get this out to you right away so you wouldn’t miss it. Click here for that mega email list. You won’t regret it. I know that I was super happy I stumbled on this one and had to share this with you all. Waited just a bit til I could find out all the details for you try things out so I could let you know if it works. And for me, it worked. I got a lot of sales in. This is also one day I put my blog in and I got same amount of likes as hits so know a lot were real and staying and reading.

Just incase you are interested the other site I have also mentioned but that one I just post when I post a new blog post to bring traffic here is cashjuice and here you have your own spot like a little blog to post whatever it is you like. So this is where i bring traffic to my blog. Both sites are great and have great things on each of them. Check them out sign up take a look around, introduce yourself. See you there.

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