10 Real Online Jobs that are not scams, Guaranteed to pay

Photo by MockupEditor.com on Pexels.com


So let’s start with survey sites. I have named so many in my posts always my favorite site will be survey junkie. You only need to make five dollars to cash out and it goes into your paypal as soon as you hit cash out on survey junkie. So if you looking to getting for a quick few bucks this is the site for you.

Earnably is another typical survey site. It has surveys and offers just like most sites. It says on the savvy sloth you only need 170 points to cash out, which does not sound like a lot. But in all I have learned to cash out with a low number like that it must be very low numbers for each survey or offer. Meaning it will take forever to even get to that little amount.

Smartphone Apps:

Panelapp is considered a passive income app and you get paid just for having the app on your phone, if you look at the screenshot below. But then it says its a downloading app. This is the first time I’m seeing this app so do not know alot about it.

Getupside is a cool app from what it sounds like. Get paid for buying gas and food. We do this all the time so why not get paid for this. Seems almost like a passive app to me also because it’s something we normally do so why not get paid for it. Maybe get some of our money back.

Paid to Lose Weight:

Sweatcoin has always been a popular one that I’m sure you may have heard of. They pay you to walk and stay healthy. Think a lot of us need this app. To many people just plop in front of that tv and do nothing after work or even all day if not working. This is the reason the US has so much obesity. I’m not one to talk but I just talking stats and this is what they say about my country.

Healthywage win real cash and prizes just f or losing weight. Can calculate what your prizes could be for how much weight you want to lose.

Paid to Test Products:

Smiley360 is a site that they send you products and you review with a honest review on the product you tried. I have not tried this site but the next one I have and I have gotten two boxes full of goodies from the next site.

Pinchme is a great site. I get little things here and there from the site but when you qualify for a whole sample box its neat. You get a box full of samples and I found my new favorite coffee from them. Just have to make sure you review everything you get from them. That’s all they ask for all the free items they give out.

Paid to Test/Play Games:

Playertestcloud is the first one and you can play and get paid to test new games that come out. You have to take a qualification test to see if they will let you play to test the games. If you fail the test you can take it again it says.

Bananatic get paid to play games for this site. Then you will write a review on the game you played. Collect bananas and exchange them for real prizes.

So there are 10 online jobs that are not scams. Hope that this helps someone and you can make some money out of one or more of these sites. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to sign up for my email traffic helper for your blog. 14 sites to get organic traffic from.

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