How to get more substantial traffic by writing an amazing blog post

So I have been doing a lot of reading. I mean a lot. I had mentioned before that I love to learn. I have learned that the way you write your post will help you bring in more organic traffic. Not just traffic either might I had. It will bring in more meaningful traffic. People really are searching for what you are blogging about. So they want to stay and actually read what you have written. A lot of times people see your link through other places if you are small yet. They happened to stumble on your site by a word or two that may have caught their eye.

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Those people don’t tend to stay and read all your post. They skim through what one thing they may have been looking for or what caught their eye. When you take the time learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Then they were looking for exactly what you are blogging about, or least more towards that by your title. Your title means a lot to google and if you are linking out to popular bloggers. There is so much that goes into one post that I really never thought of all this before I started to blog. I never realized it was so much work if you actually want to bring in the traffic.

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I mean if you don’t care about readers and just want to type as a hobby then this is all meaningless. Most of us want to rank on google without paying someone to get there. Most of us want all the traffic to start generating an income. So to do all that, here are a few things we need to follow. There is so much more. I will give you some blogs where I got my information from and there you can read on the things I did not discuss. First thing you need to think of a keyword. Then search that keyword see how popular it is with google. Can bring in traffic if people are actually searching it. That key word will be what you want in your title and in your post. Then they discuss a longtail keyword. I’m still trying to learn on that one. But when your doing your title you want to use a headline analyzer to help see how your headline will rank. I use co-schedule It has seo built in for free. So you get to see where it ranks in google and in seo. You can even download the google extension for it. I had it just didn’t care for it so I just go to the site now instead.

They say most people read at a 8th grade level or somewhere around there. So you want to keep your sentences short, small paragraphs to make it understandable. To help me with that I use the Helps you with your sentences and tells you what grade level your typing at. Remember to keep it younger so it can be read by everyone. And most people like to skim through so easier it is for them to skim through they actually might read it all. Make sure to put a few bright pictures in. I read some should be free and some should be bought. I just use the free ones. I go by these simple rules and like I said there are a lot more. But that can be for a different day or you can read more on this site here twinmommy .I have learned so much there read a lot. Her site has so much to offer and to learn. I have had google and another search engine come up in my analytics forgot the other name. I have not been following this as much as I should so I have not seen it in a while. I have seen others say they had that search engine come up on there site also.

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The longer the blog post the more google will notice you. Google will think you actually know alot about your subject and will get you noticed. The sites I have talked about before herculist well they have brought in a lot of traffic last couple of days. If you want a huge boost in traffic then this is the place. I still get the same number of visitors as views. And almost as many likes also. So they are staying and reading. I promote on these sites like I would on other sites. Not sure if it is ads will recognize but I keep them there reading so I sure hope they do.Well hope this helps boost your traffic up through google a bit like it has for me. Let me know if this helps. It may take a few posts to get recognized. Semrush is a good site to keep track of your ranking and tells you what position your in and if you go up or down in ranking. I went up 28 spots yesterday. Im still low but I keep boosting up here and there. So good place to keep track of things. So let me know if this helps at all. And please don’t forget to sign up for email This week I have free ebook Blog Ka-Ching.

6 thoughts on “How to get more substantial traffic by writing an amazing blog post

  1. just so you also know. When I first started I did not get readers right away too. Takes time for you to be found and get noticed. Promote, Promote, Promote. Best way to get noticed.


  2. It is never a fail, it’s a learning experience. When that does not work, you try another way is all. And later when the traffic does start coming in… watch what you thought was fails, get readers and likes. May be a different post from your site that got them there, but they will explore and read more. Good luck.. always here to help as best as I can.


  3. Hey Kerrie! I am very new to this platform ! I have tried to write something new and wanted to take public attention but all things were failed ! But now I am gonna try what you told here ! Thnxx for this.😊

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    1. You’re very welcome. I bring up my traffic the more I am on them sites. So best of luck, any questions you can always message me here or email me be glad to help best I can. Thanks for reading cfwoo


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