4 awesome Games on my cell that I actually made money from

I love playing games on my phone but now I only do it when I make money from it. I still play all the same games that I love to play but I chose the games I make money with.

  1. My first game I’m going to start with is blackout bingo. This one is hard. I don’t think it is based on skill because any skill level can play any game they want in the game. They even play in the beginner slot so it can get a bit hard. But there is money to be made here. If you love bingo then even with the competition was super fun game. Even though it was hard I still won money from it. And I bet you can also.

2. This game I really like. It is a challenge also don’t get me wrong. What I have learned it depends when your on this game. No specific time but sometimes its easier to beat players then other times. I had put in five dollars and got 40 back quit a few times. So if your good at solitaire then this is the game for you also. I love bingo and solitaire. I’m pretty good at both games but far from expert level but it’s fun. Click Here to download from the app store.

3. Pocket7Games is a neat one. Has a few games that you can play and win money from. Bingo, 21 Gold, Solitaire, and more. I did not play this a lot but the little time I did play I cashed out. I usually try to pick games that are for paypal. Even though amazon cards are still money but just feels better to know I can spend it how I want not just on amazon.

The skills games have a variety of games that you can download like Blackout Bingo and more and get paid from. So if Bingo is not your type of game there are a few more to choose from.

4. The last one is a bunch of games not just one. This is how I learned about these games and which pay and which don’t. Well some I found out other ways but I found a lot through this one app. I have mentioned it before its a great app. All games. All you have to do is play til what level they ask and you get paid. I have cashed out over 100 dollars from this one app alone already. Moneyapp , here are some of my payments.

So there ya go, 4 games that I have gotten paid from. The others been so long since I have got paid so this is why no screenshot of them payments. Sometimes it would go to my debit card instead of paypal. Like for solitaire cash if you take money off a debit card to pay money to play then that is where they will replace the money, don’t matter if you click togo to paypal it will go where the money came from.

So I hope that you also can get paid from these. The money app is awesome, I play games and cash out once a month at least on it. I could do more but I just can’t sit and play games all day as much as I would love to hehe.

So don’t forget my email ebook for this week Blog Ka-Ching.

Have a great day or night and please stay safe.

2 thoughts on “4 awesome Games on my cell that I actually made money from

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