Sundays are a good day for rest.

I am really choosing to relaxing a relaxing sunday. It has been raining almost all day here in northern Wisconsin so movie day. And super happy has been a month since I seen my husband and today is the first day he is home. Was a very hard month. Now I am much happier than I was when he had left. But enough of the sad stuff. I guess you can imagine I did not take time to research today. So I will share some good videos that I enjoy. I hope you all can enjoy them also or at least one of them. Got a mixture of kinds. Food, ghosts, weird. Something for everyone.

I know that it is not in english and I do not speak spanish either but She shows and explains enough for anyone could understand what she is doing.

Amy’s Crypt is one of my favorite Youtubers. All her videos seem like they are real. So many youtubers I have stopped watched that I had to stop watching, they just to fake for me to watch.

Mr Ballin tells some really neat stories. After watching him more and more you can tell he loves to research and tell the stories. He is great at telling his stories.

Urban Ghost Urban Exploration is another one of my favorites. I could be wrong but there videos seem pretty legit also. In almost every video they pick up spirit voices and some of these voices scare the crap outta me.

C’s crazy crosswords is someone that films with urban ghosts a lot. He does a great job. In this video this piano gets thrown on its side and these guys can not even move it so to me, seems like they couldn’t of do this.

And my last one is Omar, His vlogs are great, he keeps life so real online. He has cried on camera more than once. He vlogs almost everyday.

The guy in the video with him is someone I use to watch. I do watch some his vlogs once in a while but his scary videos I will not anymore. He forgot to take a fake part out of one his videos and he tried to claim he left it in to get on drama alert. If you don’t know drama alert, well that is about online gossip. Like a lot of youtuber gossip. If you know a lot of youtubers well watch a lot drama alert might be something you like.

Well I hope you like the day of relaxation. Sorry if you were expecting a money post today. I will get one out as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by either way, and please don’t forget about my email downloads. If you want to learn to make money without coming here some days or searching online. I send ebooks to your email. So would be a good idea to join if you want more money making ideas.

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