8 site that can make you 200 dollars or more today

I talked about sites that you can make 100 a day so lets bring it up a little more. Some sites could pay little less or even more, all depends what you want to put into is what you will get out of it.

1. Let’s take a look at affiliate marketing sites that once you get that traffic coming in you can get paid. With no investment, all you have to do is promote. A lot of these sites can pay way more than 200 dollars a day. If you can even make one sale a day and if you have a product that has commissions of 200 or more than. Than there is your 200 a day but more likely way more than that. So to name a few sites to find products to promote are clickbank.com, warriorplus.com, digistore24.com and last one is shareasale.com. Shareasale is a really excellent beginner site.

2. Scripted.com is a writing site. Us blogger well some of us love to write this is why most get into blogging. This and the next couple are great for us, get paid doing.. what is that word I have mentioned a few times already in my posts, freelancing career. I do believe it will help us become better with writing our blogs as well. 3.Verbilio.com says on their site, you do the writing we do the rest. They promote and bring the traffic to your article. They say they are the most flexible also. If you qualify then you will find a job on the site do the research and write the most awesome content you can. Then sit back and get paid. Hours are all you to you and how much you work. BKA Content.com is another site just like scripted and verbilio and they say if you love to write get paid for it. Not going to keep going on about the same subject think you get the idea with these sites.

4. If you read a one of my last post talking about usertesting.com well Neevo.ai is almost the same thing but here you make ai better. The site or sites they work with have artificial intelligence and your job is to make ai think better. So they can run the sites without humans.

5.Userlytics.com was another one I had mentioned and your making sure that a site is easy to navigate. If you can find the sales page easy or check out fast. Things like that are important to the site builders. They want everyone to enjoy their experience on their site.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

6 Think we all heard of airbnb, but have you heard of airbnb experience.com. Since the pandemic more people had been working out of their homes. Finding things they could do to make money. This is where airbnb experience comes in. You can host a online workshop or course or teach something and get paid for it. 7.Symposium is much like airbnb experience. Where you can teach just about anything. How nice would it be to teach or share what you love and get paid for it. Most peoples dream. Is it yours? I’m doing my dream. I love to write and I love to help people. I need to get my time organised better and then I can go full force at what I love.

Photo by Adam Fejes on Pexels.com

8.If you want to start a youtube channel you know you can get paid after 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subs. Did you know you can monetize sooner, with selling merch or affiliate marketing. One site to help you get the views and traffic(=money) tubebuddy which is a extension. Which will help you find the right title and words to get you ranking on youtube’s first page. Its seo for youtube.

9.Problogger.com is a podcast and website. Gives you all the information you need to help you get ahead in the blogging game. Any help for us new bloggers will help us either rank higher on google’s pages or gain more followers and views. All that equals money. I have been listening to the podcast for a while now this is why I have been talking about ways to help your blog.

Watching incognito on youtube a older video. He also uses herculist for traffic and he gets paid every day with is affiliate links. Shows me it’s a great traffic source. Stop on through they have free account and paid. I pay for mine for my affiliate links to get more emails out there over 8 thousand emails sent out. herculist.com Come check out all the great things they have to offer. solo ads, smart lists, great site to help anyone out online.

If you need help with charts, writing a ebook, graph don’t forget to check out my page on Sqribble. I love it so much has helped me so much make things for my ads and charts for social media. It just does so much check it out think you will love it as much as I do for the writing career.

Thanks for stopping and email download coming this week just trying to set it up traffic beast ebook, which is normally a paid ebook. I think I said viral traffic blast before and sorry that one is a paid ebook. Copyright says it has to remain a ebook for sale. If interested email me it has tons of content. Have a great day/night stay safe

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