Let’s bring in some friendly and engaging traffic plus bring daily cash

Most of us are writing a blog at the moment or your wanting to start a blog, unsure where to begin. Well there are so many places you can begin so many sites where you can start. But your blog has a lot of things to go through to get noticed by google or even any other site. You need keywords, good headlines. Put keywords in your post, its never ending. If you don’t do it all, will your blog ever get traffic, will it ever get noticed?

I found sites that help us jump start the process, it may not be something I would use everyday. I found out you don’t even need to use these everyday. I go on the site or sites and bring in traffic and find that my numbers stay up for days after. Well I found another site that let’s the free email all the people on the site every 5 days. Paid gets every 3 days. instantadpower.

Join InstantAdPower.com

I love sites like these because you can put your affiliate links in the emails or ads without any repercussions. Brings in a lot of traffic to your site also and best part is you can start for free til you feel you want to go up a step. Banners you can set up with your affiliate or site and full page ads. They got a lot to offer just wish the email was a little sooner like Herculist is everyday and you can easily earn enough to email again if you like.

Photo by Vherlyana Febritasari on Pexels.com

Rotate4all is another site and you make money just for looking at ads for five seconds on this site. You need to change your settings just to get it just right to view the ads. But once set it’s full force from there. It of course is not rich money but what the hell just for looking at a ad for five seconds and getting paid for it so of course will take a few before you can even cash out but that’s how these sites work. Getting paid for almost nothing is a good deal though. They run contests couple times a week and pay cash for winners. They make you want to be on this site with all they have to offer.But you can buy a few ads from the money you earn so then you can get free advertising for you site of link. Works out good if you ask me. One more downfall is no paypal so bank account of stripe or forgot the one I signed up for was the first recommendation and has no fees so I went with it.

This next one I think I had mentioned before. I think I had at least. But I had to mention it again cause it’s pretty neat to get paid for people just viewing your pictures. https://www.clickasnap.com/kerriegd come check mine out or the whole site in general. I will let you know one downfall to this site also. I was not told about this when I watched it on a youtubers video and when I got to the login and realized I was kind of upset. To upload unlimited pictures and to even get paid you need to pay 2 dollars a month. I haven’t uploaded in a few months now I need to get on that. Pay for it and I don’t even utilize it like I should be. The site has a lot of traffic buy you can always send more to your pictures if you want. When I signed up I got almost 20 people subscribe to my profile on the first day.

Let’s look into a big money ticket for this last one. I discussed it before dropshipping but for those who didn’t get a chance to read that post and if anything I missed. It is so easy for those of you thinking it’s not and remember after you get your store set up it is basically passive income from there with minimal work.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

All you need to do is find a product that is let say Walmart and take a screenshot of what item you want to sell. Like the video I watched Mike Vestil on youtube or AC hampton also on youtube talk about how easy or least they make it seem easy. Mike said take a screenshot of let’s say a bunkbed and post it on ebay for a price lower then walmart but higher then aliexpress. He said you can make like 20 dollars profit but think if you add a lot of items and see 20 dollars from five different items thats 100 dollars. You can post so many items it is free to post items for sale on ebay. They will take their cut but you will make a least 50% profit. If you want to learn a little more check out these two videos.

AC talks about what is popular to sell in july so jump on it while its popular. and Mike just explains in good detail how to do dropshipping.

So hope this gives you a couple sites to look at for traffic which helps with money toward your blog and dropshipping once again just so the newcomers to my blog can also read about the wonderful world of dropshipping. Have a great day or night. Working on that ebook yet just having problems with my autoresponder so need to find a new one. Most you can set up for affiliate marketing but don’t do it with chimpmail. So looking for a new one. Stay safe.

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