3 proven and exciting ways to get paid today

I found a few more ways to make money today from youtube. From Mike Vistel and others. He has so much good content if you ever want to learn exactly what I show you here on my blog and more. So lets jump into it.

  1. Snapchat: I found out that you can use your affiliate links on snapchat today and did not know that or its always best to avoid a lot of issue and send them to your site for affiliate or to a landing page which is easy to get. Google sites is a good place to do a landing page that you can actually publish and sent people to that site page. Clickbank is a great place to start with your affiliate promoting. I have talked alot about clickbank and other sites like it. Incase you missed it, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s essentially promoting someone else’s product and that is all you need to do. You really need to know your product and know what your promoting so you can do a good pitch to drive them to that sale. I know they claim that is all you have to do is drive the traffic and they will do the rest but I think you really have to sell it on your end or they are not just going on the sales page to buy right away. So know and learn your product best you can. Google the product and see how others are promoting it and mimic them. Not copy, but if they are making sales then you know if you mimic how they did it, then possibly you can to make some sales.
  2. We are staying on snapchat but know you can use this for tiktok also, pinterest. Any social media. Use snapchat to sell your site. Drive more traffic to your site with snapchat. Just need to make a snap a couple times a day either about your links for affiliate or for your site. The more you can get on there and make a snap, a tiktok a pin, the more your link or site will get noticed. Then one last way to use snapchat.
  3. Print on demand. Mike from snapchat talks about Printful and it is set up that you just show off your product and the customer will send you their information their money and then you order what they want. See to me I like the idea of redbubble and if you can put a link to your store they can just go order for themselves, no money in your hand and almost passive income. Just have to make the snaps, the tiktoks or pins to drive the customers for your sales or traffic.

So there are three but I’m not done. I have another site for you and now this is the second time I heard this from two different youtubers now and I really like how they put this out there. It is a couple steps so bear with me.

Shrinkme.io is a url shortener that you can get paid for when you get 1000 clicks to that. I know that is not easy but how I seen today it is not as hard as one might think. The site claims it can pay 220 per 1000 clicks. How you need to do this one is really pretty simple. Go to youtube first. Gaming videos or weight loss videos are usually very popular videos. Find the highest ranking video you can and take that link to your url shortener. If you looked at shrikme the highest paying country is greenland so when you go to share that shortened link you need to go to google and search gaming or weight loss forums. But make sure you used tools and advance to get you to greenland. Then your clicks will be coming from the forums in greenland. I think to post you need to sign up for the forum of course. One youtuber said use a fake name but I don’t think that is necessary. If you come to the forum with respect, and they should allow you to post. With that being one of the most popular videos it shouldn’t take to long to get clicks. I would go down the list on the most paying sites and go down the list and post to all of them. Post more link to different videos and you can really have great passive income in no time. This would be truly passive to me because after you post there is nothing left to do but wait for the clicks to reach 1000. You only need 5 dollars to cash out on shrinkme. So go ahead give it a try. Sounds to easy to pass up to me.

Don’t forget about traffic beast finally being out. If you want to get loads of traffic here is the free e-book.

Traffic Beast

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