10 Online jobs that would love to pay 20 dollars or more an hour

Some of us still need to find money online. We all need to find something that suits us. So many things to choose from but who knows where to start. I have a 5 jobs you can find online that might take a little searching but most are not hard to find. Thursday I will post the other 5.

social media platforms Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

1.Social Media Manager is the first one we going to talk about. Being a social media manager can get paid $15-$20 hr and this might be a job more suited for some one younger, but not necessarily. Just usually younger people are into social media and know at least one of the platforms inside and out. It could be someone older also that knows facebook inside and out and that is what you need to do because you will be handling all the posting. You will decide what to post, when to post and where to post. A really easy way for this one is maybe do one and two together and get a hold of a local business in your area that you notice either don’t have a social media account or have one and barely post. That is so much untapped money and potential customers that the business is losing out on. It would be your job to get that business ahead in the online game and get them into that untapped market they are missing out on. Leads to the next one.

2.Social Media Marketing which also pays around $15-$20 an hour. With running a blog or doing affiliate marketing you may have a little understanding with the word marketing. If not, let me explain briefly. It’s setting up ads on them social media accounts like I mentioned plus you will also be emailing their list to try and utilize that to also sell to their customers. Which is something you should also be working on if you plan on doing any affiliate marketing with your blog to monetize it. Between email and social media is where most of the income comes in so most of these businesses will put a lot of money into marketing which would include paying the person doing the marketing for them.

3.Data entry $15-$20 an hour again for this one. Here you really need to pay close attention to detail for these companies. If you are putting in numbers for their finances, one number off could throw all their finances off a lot. You could also transfer one product from one online store to another online store. Or maybe take a pdf and transfer it to word document. There could be a lot more they ask of you many of the tasks could vary.

4.Virtual Assistant $15-$20 per hour here also. Possibly more. A lot of these jobs if you post to upwork you might have to start out pay lower on the food chain until you get good reviews then your able to slowly go up and up with your pay. You want to be low as you can at first to get the customers than show them how good you are to get them great pay raising reviews. Being a virtual assistant is almost like being one offline just your jobs are online and it could be a little bit of everything. Could entail being a social media manager or social media marketer or checking online product prices. Just for this one I would look into anything and learn a little bit of everything so your prepared for anything that could ask you to do.

5.Freelance writer $20 dollars a hour or more. This one will also depend on your reviews and your pay can for sure shoot up very high if you have a lot of good reviews. People will want you if you are at the top of the list when they are searching in upwork. The way to get to the top of the list is having a lot of good reviews. You can even go to seoclerks one site I had mentioned before. With being a freelance writer you can do a lot of odd writing jobs. Maybe do a social media post or do a blog post for someone. If you write about a specific niche that can help a lot because it is something you know and like so it will be a better writing job that you produce. If you can find them niche specific job be best to go for them or post for a niche your good at when posting for jobs your looking for.

I think before this post gets to long and possibly boring being to long if I already talked about the job you maybe interested in. If not then thursday I will finish the rest of this post.

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See you Thursday for the rest of the list. This weekend maybe a little spotty for posts I will do my best. Hard with a 2 year old to research and type it out sure if some of you already know. I will do my best. I got little man for 3 days straight so I hope I still can get a great post out to you all. Have a great day or night and stay safe with this new variant out there please still protect yourself and others.

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