10 Online Jobs that would love to pay 20 dollars or more an hour pt 2

hustle in neon Photo by Tnarg on Pexels.com

I hope that within these last 5 jobs or these 5 jobs you can find one that suits you. My only hope is that everyone makes money online with me. I know it can be very hard to make your first few dollars but as long as you don’t give it, it will happen. Took me a while to make my first 100 dollars online. It was not easy, but I knew I had to make this money and I was determined not to give up till I finally made something. After that the money just kept coming. With these jobs it should be quiet easy just pick one you know you might enjoy. If you pick something you don’t like than it will feel more like a offline job you have to get up and struggle getting through horrendous traffic everyday and a boss that is mean to you.

Pick one that you want to get up and do everyday. One you will enjoy researching if need be. Something you know will be providing a service to someone that will make you feel good inside. Pick something that will matter to you. Everyone has different tastes and ideas of what they like so this is why all the different jobs.

Online Teacher Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

6. Teaching english is the next one on this list. $15-$20hr. If you grew up in a multi-language household then this is the perfect side hustle for you. The hours will be kind of terrible because most of the people you will be teaching english too are usually across seas. If you live in the USA that is. Places like Japan and China and areas like that are usually the ones you would teach english too. Could be more but this is what I seen in video. I admit I am not really familiar with this I have not tried it, teaching in front of camera is not my cup of tea. Just watched a few videos that had mentioned this and this is what they said.

My husband would be excellent at this type of job. He now knows three languages. My daughter also.She speaks very fluent spanish. I just could not pick it up at all. When my husband and I met 14 years ago he did not know very much english and me I knew just about no spanish. But as you see after 14 years we made it work. He has learned to speak and read and write in english. He speaks almost perfect english now.

7. On to the next Graphic Designer.$15-$20 or more a hr. Before this one use to be a bit of a challenge for anyone to do unless you were good and photoshop and great editing skills. These days with apps and some sites they have made this much easier for all of us to do… well a lot of us. Some people just are not very tech savvy and that’s ok not everyone needs to be. With apps and sites like Canva it is so easy for anyone to make great designs, pins, tik tok videos, youtube intros, and outros. I had discussed canva before and how awesome it is. You can get paid just for making youtube intros or outros just for those people who are a little less tech savvy.

8. This next one is one that I think has to have a very techy background. Web Design $15-$20 or more a hr. I know with places like wordpress things have also gotten a little easier, but if you want a real professional look it takes a lot more then the themes we add. Most web designers know a lot of ins and outs of sites to make the site you want to build look very good. For them technical skills it can really get expensive. Depending on how much work you need done of course.

9. I think this one kind of goes in with number 6 in ways but it is not just teaching kids. You have to maybe Translate a whole document. Translating is easier also now days with google translate. I can say that it does work very well also. I talk to family in mexico and I do not know any spanish like I had mentioned so I have to use google translate and we can carry on conversation for a long time. They understand everything the translator translates for me.

Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com

10. The last one on todays list is another simple one thanks to some apps and sites once again. They sure make life so much easier for us who are not super technical. Video Editor. $15-$20 hr or more. Youtubers, instagramers and maybe more are always looking for some help with video editing. They get behind sometimes with all the filming they do. Then try to edit each and every video can get very time consuming. Most that are becoming a little bigger, and more popular. They try to pump out more for their subs and tend to need the most help. You can email some you know are getting bigger see if they need help or look on upwork and fiverr see if any have posted looking for help. Or you can post yourself saying you will edit videos.

So there you go Ten videos all together. Had I put these two posts together it would be a very long post and I’m not sure if you would want to read a post that has almost 2000 words in it. I think I would start to bore you being that long.

Well hope this helps one of you like I had mentioned. Remember you can go get that 20 dollars free and learn some great information with the videos you need to watch to earn that 20. It can take you one day to earn that 20 if you have the time. Can take a couple hours. But it is some valuable information also. Your getting more than 20 with the information your learning. That whole boot camp should really cost over 100 dollars. Someone said it was over 2000 worth of information. Either way it is great information to learn so don’t pass this up. Come join me in the facebook group where there is tons more help whenever needed. Plus way more videos you can watch to learn more too. You only get the 20 for the boot camp though but its still massive information. Please take advantage of it. Traffic Boot Camp here is my 20 dollar proof.

money earned from traffic boot camp
screenshot of 20 dollars earned from olsp traffic boot camp

Have a great day or night stay safe!

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