Side Hustles that are easy

For those of us that have been looking online for ways to make money has ran in to this term a lot. What are side hustles? It is a job you have on the side of your regular job that helps bring in a little cash on top of your regular paycheck. Usually you can pick your own hours and days for most side hustles. But things have really changed with the meaning side hustle over the years. I

If you have searched side hustle on google there is a new trend emerging from this term if you have noticed like I have. A lot of people are quitting their day jobs to do their side hustle jobs full time. So I don’t think that can be considered a side hustle anymore. Still a hustle but now it’s your full time hustle or how ever you want to call it. I see it like a full time job so now it’s full time hustle lol. In all reality though it is not full time either.

Most of these side jobs take half the time as a real full time job that is why most people take them as a part time job along with their full time job. Most instances you make as much or more then your full time job or see the potential if you went full time with your side hustle and this is the reasoning for most people quitting their full time jobs for their side hustle. Heck, I think anyone would. Takes half the time as your full time job and you make the same part time or more, who wouldn’t want such a great deal.

Since the pandemic a lot of people has realize the potential of how much can actually be earned online most don’t want to go back to their boring full time jobs. Work a few hours everyday to make the same or more that you had when you worked a 8 hour day. Hence the government is having a hard time getting people back to the jobs that are out there in abundance right now. So please don’t forget we still need them workers helping out in our communities also. Maybe just switch to them being our part time jobs.

Well before I keep rambling on let’s get to the reason you are here today. Got a few side hustles for you to look into see if either one is a good fit for you. So I hope this helps someone earn some income understand some of these are not for everyone but…. if you don’t at least try how will you know? Like that saying and works good in things like this. You will never know unless you try to potential of what you can accomplish. So what if it’s a fail, this is why there are so many other side hustles.

The first one I got here is discuss Research. No affiliate links here, I am not a member but I might become one if I can find the time. Sometimes this can take time. These are the best to get into from what I hear from a few people.


As you can see from the screenshot they let you know it can pay $75-$250 per session. These sessions could last up to 2 hours but who gets paid 250 dollars for two hours of work? That is focus groups, I heard you get paid very well for them so this is the time to jump on this if you have time. It could be a phone call focus group, online focus groups. Even face to face interview. For me I do not have phone service out where I live in the middle of a forest. And I don’t drive and my internet is the worst internet in history. A little bit of rain and my internet is going in and out, so I wouldn’t want to take a chance of losing 250 dollars because my phone or internet boots me. You may have a better chance than me, so don’t pass up this great opportunity. Than you can go and brag to your friends that you get paid 125 dollars a hour lol .

This next one is a great way to make passive income and you don’t even have to do any work, unless you want to. You can choose to make it and save yourself around 15 dollars or pay someone to do it for around 15 dollars. Making worksheets for little kids.


Look at them figures in the screenshot above and imagine, if you even did the work yourself, the money these people are raking it is amazing. Even that last one selling only 22 of them make her a good amount a little over 200 dollars. I am sure that will go up over time also. Just like the others, and if you even paid someone 15 dollars or even a little more, your getting over 100% of that back. If you ask me, this right here is just a amazing passive income generator. Anyone who would like to do this and has the time please don’t pass this awesome opportunity up. I might try and squeeze in the time for this one. Think they want books though not just sheets if it is a possibility. Look into what the others are making then you can get a better idea of what they are asking for here. The tik tok video where I seen this from did mention a book so think that is what you might have to make.

Well think it will be just the two today. I have my grandson and surprised I was able to get this much out. I did a lot of rambling on though sorry about that but I did get to the point finally. I still have not got a different download yet. Was looking into software but not sure if that would interest you. Was free software about crypto. I need to look into that more though. I do check the downloads out for you make sure they are safe. I did download a tv one yesterday from the site and it seemed pretty safe. Scanned it and no viruses. But it didn’t have what I was looking for so i deleted it.

One of my favorite shows comes out today and we cut the cord a long time ago and that is the only thing I am missing. We just got netflix now and hbo just things we like to watch. But missing my American Horror Story. Any of you like that show? After a few of my videos you should see I like horror and all things scary. lol

Well I am sure I bored you enough. Let me know in the comments if you would like software as well as ebooks for a weekly download and if anyone watches American Horror Story?

traffic beast

Get it before its to late. Not many days left. Stay safe.

5 thoughts on “Side Hustles that are easy

    1. I guess it is. I am actually working on lead magnets templates, just as you left this comment. People claim they make that much from kid’s worksheets. I have seen a couple people claim they make 2,000 a month from making templates from Canva. So looking into it. I will make a post on it later. May take time to get the right one that will sell. Trial and error.


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