Online sites that bring in cash and traffic

Hey hope that everyone is doing well on this fine day. Here the weather is actually not at its best or should I say air quality. I have never seen it the way it is now. I guess there are a lot of fires and honestly.. I didn’t watch the news to see where the fires were. But we are getting the effects of the fires with hazy skies and bad air quality. It smells outside, you can just smell it in the air.

With the air quality so bad, it even put a haze over the sun and made it look bright orange. Was so gorgeous. I had to take a bunch of pictures at 6:45 monday morning. Sorry was not my car and yes that window is super dirty sorry but still love all the color in the picture.

But today I just have a few sites to talk about and not sure if these are ones I mentioned or I mentioned sites like it.

First site is acx. This is one I mentioned before, if you care to go back and read that post for those who might have missed it. But letting those who might of missed it and those who read it just get a little insite

I kind of said it wrong last time. You are not reading audio books you will be reading books and turning them into audio books and as you see. You can filter what kind of books your interested in and pick what you want to read. How long even. Can even chose which way you want to get paid. Royalties when the book is bought means you get part of the sale. Or you can chose to get paid just for reading. Has a lot of different things to let you narrow down what you want to read. So you will audition for the book and the author will chose who they want to read.

Next one I want to let you know about is, you just take pictures and make passive income from your pictures. No not professional pictures are needed. Bloggers like us, and many others who have websites and more are always looking for pictures they can use on their sites. They can buy the pictures you upload. Prices that you get will depend on the size, the resolution and more from the pictures you upload. There are three ways to get paid on this site. Competition. You enter a competition and if you win you get paid. Upgrade. If your pictures are getting a lot of sales and your getting very noticed on the site then you can get upgraded and get paid more.

I want to mention a great program I mentioned before also. Just does not seem to get enough credit. Cashjuice is a great site to bring in traffic to your site. It lets you look at ad get points get paid and besides just using a post to bring in traffic you look at these ads to get your post that you want to use to get traffic to when you get points looking at ads. It is not like the others to send mass traffic but it can bring in some traffic to your site or blog even affiliate links.

Check it out when you can just does not seem to get the credit it deserves. I love it and love the nice warm community on the site. So friendly and willing to help one another and be there for one another.

I finally got a new download for the week. This is a good one Simple Affiliate Secrets. I have yet to read it but it looked like it would be a good one. I know I could learn a few more things to help boost my sales.

Very last thing I want to still let you know about, The webinar last week is something I will be posting about a lot want everyone to come join OLSP. Wayne hosts new Facebook Lives all the time and some that are super interesting sure there will be something for everyone. But the site alone is awesome. Teaches so much about earning money on facebook and earning with commenting. So many videos to learn with even after you become a traffic dominator finishing boot camp. Boot camp was packed with some much value that it sure would help so many people with building traffic to sites and links and earn money. Please come join me in the free facebook group that is always there to help with any questions you may have about boot camp or any other questions after. Plus don’t forget finish boot camp and you get paid 20 dollars. The 20 is a great plus but so much value you learn is worth so much more then money can put a value on even. Least that is my opinion. Hope to see you over there. The next live will be Thursday The secret method to get solo ads working for you over and over again. Click here sign up find out more about the facebook or when I have more info I will get it to you right away.

Thats it for today have a great day or night stay safe.

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