Let’s look into the legal side of blogging so you do not get sued

I was just listening to this great podcast on blogging legal forms and things us bloggers need to protect our work and our business. Your best bet if you are starting to get in to blogging for a serious business. Then you should hire a lawyer to get all the legal pages on your site. You really need this to avoid getting sued or even avoid having to sue others for stealing your work.

I know a lot of people can not afford a lawyer. Next bet is to google all the things your blog should have on it so it will stay up to date with all the legal things in your country. I would hate to see anyone get so far in their blogs, put so much work into it and get sued or have to shut it down for copyright.

What are things we need to keep it legal? Well of course each country is different, think we all know that. Different places different laws. Think most of us try to follow our own laws in our country like not running a red light and getting a ticket. So why are we not following the laws for our blogs also.

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I am not sure where you can get all the legal information how to put it on your blog. Best thing is to google it I would think. This is how I will be putting all the legal pages on my blog. If you haven’t noticed I already have the GDPR on the bottom to accept. The lawyer on the blog says it’s very important to put this on your blog no matter where in the world you might be. It is a legal thing having to do with the uk I guess, something I have to look up and learn about myself. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. WordPress has the widget you can add to your blog like I did. But the rest I mention here looks like you and I both have to do our own page or section for the rest of the legal items we need to keep our blog up to date with laws. We all should be keeping up with all the laws with our blog and as they change so should our online forums or pages.

I already have a disclaimer on my blog about affiliate links which everyone should have if they have affiliate links on their sites. I seen on the podcasters blog she has her affiliate disclaimer along with a regular disclaimer for your site. If that is how you want to handle it to save space on your blog.

Next you need a privacy policy to make sure each visitor knows what information is taken from them and what it is used for.

privacy policy on typewriter Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

Terms and conditions is another one along with deny any liability of opinions on the site causing any damage or loss.

Of course you can put all the disclaimers and policy’s on your site and things still can happen. But a main one you need is copyright cause if you see someone with your exact content on their blog you can ask them to take it down and if they don’t you can sue them.


If you would like to listen to this awesome content filled with so much value that I think every blogger needs to know. Yes I know it is a hour long but it is packed with some much information and not boring at all. If the spotify link does not work the podcast is called making money blogging with digital nomad wannabe. It is working on my end but when I view it’s not so hope it will, otherwise you will have to go to spotify sorry.

Think this will do it for today just run down my last couple basics for you. Before I get into the last things, The blog index site already has me up. The one I kind of was worried about because they were asking for money. Just for adding it on my site I was up right away, and as soon as I start seeing any people come from there, I will let you know.

If you need to know more about affiliate marketing secrets than here you go. Got just what you might be looking for here.

simple affiliate secrets ebook

Last but not least of course this is the best. This is something I have been mentioning for few days now. OLSP. I just really don’t want you to miss out on a great opportunity and so much value. Wayne is having a repeat of his last live… Secret Method to get solo ads working for you. If you missed the last one come check this one out 1 day 11 hours from now. Sign up here and click on the live link to join on top. Don’t forget the boot camp and earn your 20 dollars for learning all that great information.

Have yourself a great day or night. Please stay safe till we all can get this world back to normal. Please get your vaccines, most of us got them when we were children to avoid things that were pandemic’s before some of us were around, this is the same thing. This is the only way to get our country back to normal, no more masks, no more lockdowns. No more COVID!!! Please help people who are sick and can’t afford to get sick. This is strictly my opinion and that is just my feelings on this. I know many don’t believe in the vaccine but please some people can not afford to get sick. If you don’t get it, you are potentially killing the elderly or ill. My opinion so please don’t be upset. We are all entitled to out opinion and not trying to start a argument with anyone just how I feel on the subject and want to help those who can not afford to get sick.

Found a good site everyone should take a look at and it will help you look more into the legal side of blogging, all tips from a real lawyer. Help will all the legal papers and contracts you need for your blog.

3 Must-Have Legal Pages For Websites and Blogs – Tips from a Lawyer (aselfguru.com)

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