SEO, what does it mean and how can it bring your site more traffic

Have you heard of SEO before? Do you know what it means? Do you know how it can bring you more traffic, lots more traffic? SEO is something you really need if you are a blogger, if you want to rank #1 on google. If you want to turn your hobby blog into a money making blog or a business then you need to learn at least the basics of SEO. Even if you are not worried about money and just worried about people seeing what your writing what you worked so hard on writing, SEO will bring in the traffic.

I sit all day long when I am not watching my grandson, listening to blogging podcasts or learning ways for traffic or making money on my blog even when I’m falling asleep I usually have a podcast going. I enjoy learning this information so much and hopefully one day I can become an expert for you guys. I do know I don’t plan on charging hundreds of dollars like some just to give you knowledge that you can find online anywhere and learn. But nevertheless I’m learning all day all night when I am able to just so I can help you guys out the best way that I can to earn that money.

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So what is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. We use SEO to get the exact targeted audience to our blogs to make income. It does not matter how you are monetizing your blog. If your doing affiliate marketing then you would use SEO directed toward the product you are trying to make commission off and you will still get the targeted audience that you are going after. It is all just different keywords that you use for SEO. When looking up for SEO it is basically looking up the keyword that is in your blog post or in the product you are trying to market. Best way is to go to google and look up that keyword and focus on the popularity of that word. Neil Patel explains this so well in a Youtube video of his I will link that here and he has 3 great free SEO tools for you also.

Neil Patel SEO

Google search console will help you has a basic SEO learning on there. You can go almost anywhere online and find information for free to learn seo easily. Just got to take the time to do it but it is very important. I read and listened to a couple (not one) podcast and videos that they went from 0 page views to around 30,000 page views from using seo. I suggest if you really want that organic traffic then learn SEO. This is one reason I have been taking the time to learn it and let you all know about it because I know most of you are just starting out or having a hard time with them page views.

There is also a free seo class you can watch but as of now the said it is closed but if you really want to learn or in my case learn more, sign up to be notified when they have another class, I know I am.

If you even go to Neil Patels site he has his own free seo tool on his site. You can stick around check out his site more he has some great information on his site. One person called him the SEO king lol. So he must know his stuff when it comes to SEO. He does have a podcast also if you listen to podcasts at all. If you want to check out the SEO of your site and see where you could use some work. Think you get three searches a day or a week I forget but know its 3 searches. He has backlinks check and traffic check. But since we are talking about SEO today

I have been listening to Neil for a while now love his videos and podcast. So take some time check him out. After leaving here of course lol. I know I have talked about seo a few times on my site. Only reason I talk about seo a little bit in the past is because it is very important to blogging and more you learn the more you will get to know this if you are looking for targeted traffic.

Well I hope that you get a understanding of what SEO is. Did you know about SEO before? Have you used it in your blog yet? Let me know in the comments. I do read and respond to all my comments. And if you ever want to ask a question or get a hold of me for any reason my inbox is always open to you. Have a awesome day or night and please.. stay safe.

Please don’t forget about the download of the week. It is still going on since I got it a little later than normal.

Don’t forget about Olsp link is in a lot of past blog posts I wont bore you with yet another link today. lol til next time..

6 thoughts on “SEO, what does it mean and how can it bring your site more traffic

    1. how long have you been blogging? how many times do you post? I started in December last year however I did not get any money until I started getting on somewhat of a schedule for my readers, know I am not 100% with my schedule yet but I still was posting pretty consistently and then the readers started coming in more and more when they knew I would provide value consistently for them and I just now learning SEO so I still don’t have enough readers to make “money” but after 6-7 months of consistently blogging I started getting 1 cent, 2 cents a day for my ads. So most of my money I make other ways not my blog yet, I do freelancing and want to do less freelancing once my blog starts making more. Takes time and alot of work cfwoo. If you really want your blog to give value to people plus make money then don’t give up. Don’t think of just the money, think more it is for helping people and the money is a plus. Or I don’t think you will make it far if all you want is money out of this cause it does take time. From what I read if you really take the time to learn seo read took a couple bloggers a couple months to get thousands of readers. Good luck hate to see you go so please dont give up cfwoo.

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