SEO, Little basics to help you get that organic traffic flowing

If you are still having trouble with SEO, hope this will give you a little more idea. There is a lot of site that you can look into after this post and help you get more indepth idea.Sure you heard of Google Search Console. If you ever look up Google analytics then you see search console pop up also. Search central is almost the same but it talks more about seo.

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It has basic seo and advance seo. Lot of good reading on this one and helps you set up search console. If this is something you have not done for your site yet, you should. Helps a lot of different ways for your site.Need to set up your site in google search console so google knows your site exists. Anyone can get on google search but it is getting on the first few pages is what matters. No one will know about your site if its not within the first few pages. Not to many go to page one million to look for what they are looking for. This is where you need seo. To optimize the search on the words your using in the post. The higher the keyword is in search then the higher chance someone is to find that word in your post.Let’s say you want to write a post about dogs and what type of food is good for their health. Can you guess what would be the keywords you would want to use in this post? Dog, Dogs health, healthy dog food. Would be what I would start with. See which words have the most popularity, which would get people looking for that word more.

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Google trends also can show you how popular a word could be. Like I had mentioned I am also learning myself but this is so far what I have gotten out of it so far. Learning more and more each day so if you want to know more later I can do another post. But if not after this I don’t want to dive to much into it and go on and on over one topic only. When I type in seo in google search it comes back with 8,400,000,000 topics. It is very posted about. But to do things right look in trends.

Do as much research so you can get in as much traffic as possible. Use google search central to help you get the right keywords and it can bring in alot of organic traffic. (free traffic) for your site. Make sure to give google search central and console sitemaps to any changes to your site so it can stay up to date. Let the bot recrawl your site to check for any errors. You can even control what google sees on your site. You can exclude some pages in the crawl if you want. From reading on search central it looks like it will help you with google console so if your having issues. It could have some information that could help you. It will also let you know if it finds some unusual activity on your has a great section on seo. It has 7 different chapters and a glossary at the end. Shows the technical side of seo, on-page seo, and so much more. Great place to get you started if you need to go and learn more.

Well we got more storms tonight and I want to get this post out before I can’t post anymore tonight. Any bit of rain knocks us offline. Pray it is not as bad as this last one again knocking us off for almost two days. Last year we were out for a week tree fell right on the pole in front of my house so a whole week no water no electricity. Glad for a generator.

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