Keyword Research, If done right your blog can grow everyday

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What is keyword research? How can it help your blog? As I explained a little in seo, it is the main word used in your blog post, or the marketing your using in a item your selling. The dictionary explains keyword as a word or a concept of great significance. That word or word would be what your post is about. Using it in your title and in your post helps because that word would be what your readers are looking for. They would search google for this keyword, your post would pop up. In turn you will get organic traffic (free traffic) from this keyword.To do keyword research right you need to first have an idea of what you want your post to be about. Think of a few ideas if possible because the better the keyword, the more traffic you can bring in. So go through each keyword and see which one does better when you put it in tools to help with keyword research. I am getting my info today from wpbeginner. I’m not sure if you read it but it has a lot on their blog to help wordpress beginners. Wpbeginner helps anywhere from setting up your wordpress blog to getting traffic. Take a look when you can. I’m taking little snippets from the site and if you want to read it in full detail go wpbeginner.comWpbeginner says that you can achieve the following from using keyword research.

  • find the popular keywords your users are looking for
  • find content ideas that are easy to rank for and has a large search volume
  • find out what your competitors are doing and do better then what they are doing.
  • get more search traffic and grow your readers with each new post

You can read in more detail at Let’s look into some online tools that can help you do your keyword search.

  • answer the public this is a new one to me. Have you heard of this one before? It is a free visual keyword research and content idea tool.
  • Ahrefs I have used this one before has a lot to offer content creators. Check it out if you have not.
  • SEMRush is the last one on this list. WP beginner says this is the best. Do you think it’s the best? I do like it a lot just not sure if I would say the best. Ahrefs is very good also in my opinion.

You can enter your own URL to one of the two sites and find out your own keyword performance. You can also compare your keyword with your competitors. Can read so much more on so please don’t forget to check it out. I am just doing a shorten version. In hopes to give you an useable idea how to do keyword research.To apply your keyword research to your blog or site. You first need to find out what your readers or customers are searching for. Then find out the rank of the keyword. Remember the higher the more traffic you can bring in. Helps to do proper content marketing strategy. Which would include creating a landing page. If you are running a store then use them keywords that pertain to your product your selling. customers will search that keyword that you are using for your product.You can read all I wrote here in better detail on Thought that this would go good with seo since seo has to deal with keyword to get you that traffic.Traffic = money. Hope this will get you a better understanding how to use the keyword in your blog. Many will try a few keywords to see which does better when they are running ads. Sometimes that is all it could be is the change of a word that catches peoples eyes.

Don’t forget final live coming up just sit in for one live see how it goes. Sure you will like it. Or read the site see what it has to offer. I hope you like it as much as I do.


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