Tips to skyrocket your traffic with these 5 strategies that not SEO

I have talked a lot about increasing your websites traffic with SEO. We all know how much that can help. Did you know there are more ways than SEO? Of course SEO is the best way for organic traffic. But there are so many ways to boost your traffic and I am here to tell you another way. If you have a hard time understanding SEO than this is for you.

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Invest in social media. It is a growing platform all the time. The more you post the more you will get noticed. You need to keep posting and engaging with your followers. The more your posts active and more others will see it. Then the more people will see you, your site name or company name. All forms of social media are beneficial to your site. Make sure you keep posting and engaging with your followers. To stay relevant.

Guest Blogging is something I had mentioned before. With this it does not need SEO. When you guest blog on other blogs it builds awareness to your brand. It also will build credibility as an expert into your niche. It exposes your site to new customers also on the plus side, it increases your SEO ranking. The reason it increases your SEO ranking because it links back to your site. You need to find another site that is in your same niche. If your selling bananas and you go to apple store. The customers most likely are not going to want to come bananas when most are looking for apples. If you get my scenario there.

Intergrade Video Content is a great way to get traffic. I had mentioned before how much traffic youtube alone brings in. And if you can get just a slice of that pie, you could bring in so much traffic. Hubspots state of video marketing report says… 76% of marketers claimed that video content has increased traffic to their website. I’m not much for one to be in front of the camera. This is where I would fail also but there is other ways so you don’t have to be in front of the camera. There are very popular youtube channels that do their videos all in stock photo/video. They have well over a million subs. They also have shorts now like tiktok videos and you could do all your site advertising in shorts. Like on any social media you need to keep it consistent. The more you keep posting the more people it will get out to and more traffic will get back to your site.

Utilize Email Marketing is a great way to make sales and keep traffic on your site. I have read many blogs and when they talk about email marketing this is what brings in most of their sales. They will email so many of their list and get so many in return that are buyers. It also keeps them coming back to your site because they can read a article and never come back again. If you email them with some things that your blogging about it can bring them back to read more. I follow are super popular blog by email. She will email a few things that she blogged about and I usually like one or more then it gets me back to read more on her blog. This happens once a week or more so glad I signed up because there are a lot of articles I love on her blog. So you should see the potential of email marketing.

Advertising Online. At some point we all may want to explore paid advertising and it is honestly less than you would think. With facebook you control what you want to spend 5 dollars a day for how many days you want. Even can say you do not want to spend more than 100 dollars. What ever you can afford. It is a good way to get your blog name out there out to people that wouldn’t normally get it to if you were only posting. The ads put in front of people that are looking for what you offer or what your niche is.

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Have a great day or night and please things are getting worse then last summer please stay safe!

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