6 Blogging Tools To Help You Succeed With An Amazing Blog

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I have a page filled with my most used tools for my blog that I use. There are still so many out there that some of you may of not heard of. I have used a few on the list and think actually one I have not even heard of. I had grown to like it though since I stumbled apon it for this list.

Twinword is a great one for keyword search. Help alot with SEO. Twinword will give you the average monthly searches for that keyword. Will also show you SEO competition, paid competition, and keyword score. Plus a lot more. It is a great site. has a lot to show. But you only get 3 searches on the free version. It is a excellent way to help you with your SEO though and get to learn it more.

Blog Title Generator comes from the same site as twinword. It uses your keyword(s) and help you find a great title using them keywords. I checked against this other title analyzer that I use and it gave it a pretty good score. Twinword says it will give you a clickable blog post title in just three minutes. With the score I had gotten I’m sure that is true. If you want a weeks worth a blog post ideas then you could go to hubspot blog post topic generator.

Canirank is the next one and this is quite unique. With you keywords that you put in and let the site know what your site is about they will help you find a job. They look at people hiring for things you write about or just writing in general. Kind of a different kind of tool. Has different rankings and when you do a job or a task then your ranking in different categories will go up. Things on he are really easy to understand too. Don’t think it is hard at all. It helps so you can show others that you have a high ranking and it shows your authority in that niche. Hope this makes sense. Check it out I thought it was pretty neat. First time I even heard of this site.

SE Ranking has a lot of blogging tools on one site. Keyword ranking, tracking your competitors, and traffic monitoring. Analytics and more.

OptinMonster helps out for the email list you should be building since the start of your blog. It captures emails very well and can be set up on any page and site. It has a plug-in for wordpress to making things easy for us wordpress users. Speaking of plug-ins.

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YoastSEO is the last one here and did you know this is a wordpress plug-in? You have to have a business plan or higher to use plug-ins. Something I wish I knew before I paid for my plan. This is why I decided to write this because when I had started my wordpress blog. When I paid for it, I had no clue of half of this. I didn’t even know what a plug-in was. So I am hoping this can help those who have no clue like me and I can let you know before you pay so you know which plan to chose. If this is what you are looking for then that is the way to go. I also want to help us ones that have been using wordpress for a little while now. Some of you may not even known about some of these. I hope I helped even in the littlest of ways.

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I just found out we need to move. I just live in this big house with just my husband and my son. We have a three bedroom home with a office and half finished basement. So I understand the move. Our rent is like half off any other rent for the house we live in. My husbands boss pays our rent we just pay per person is how this goes. They asked we move to a smaller place and someone else that needs the bigger place get it. We agreed. We didn’t have to but there is so many pluses… besides the whole moving yes is a pain in the booty. Our phone service will actually finally work. We can get faster internet. So it is really not a bad thing. I just hate trying to move all this bad stuff with a bad back. My husband will most likely be working so he can’t help a whole lot. My son, also has a bad back, my daughter has a bad back, my mother had a bad back. Whatever we all got it runs in the family. Feel so bad I passed it along to my kids.

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