The secrets of domain flipping and making it profitable

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domain flipping

Sure many of you hear of this before, it is really simpler than you think it might think. You can purchase a domain for 10 dollars and turn around and sell it for a thousand dollars. Yes it can be done. Really goes on the name you pick and how popular that name is how many people may want that name. Like for an example that I seen on a tiktok. He showed a domain called being bought back in 1994 for 10 dollars. Than it sold in 2008 for 2.4 million dollars. That is almost a house that they purchased there not a domain name. Surprised me when I had saw that so it inspired me to write about it for you. Bet you all could agree it would be great to buy a house for ten dollars though.

So how this can be done is you go to namecheap and purchase a domain or two. You can also go to and get a domain from there for 99 cents for the first year. You can look at a name and see that how much the name is and it what it sold for. Pick a good name out and people will come to you to purchase that domain and they could offer you thousands of dollars.


So make sure you chose a name that is sought after. Do your research for this one. The more research you do and the better the name is, the more money that could be made.

Since this one is so short I want to add another way to make money on here. Does not have to do with domain flipping. This one is going to the dollar store and go to the dollar book section look up on amazon what each book goes for on amazon. You can purchase it for a dollar and turn around and sell it for a 3-10 dollar price range. Best thing is you do not have to send the book out to the customer either. Amazon does that for you. Package all your books up and send them off to amazon and from what I got from the tiktok would be put into your store maybe. Some of these tiktoks are so vague hard to tell. I think you get the idea and can look up more details if this is something you are interested in.

Hope you enjoyed my little bit on domain flipping and if any of you try it let me know in the comments below.

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