Pinterest SEO to make a blog post Podcast

This is a very short podcast for anyone who is interested. I really thought it was quiet interesting and thought it could help you in your search for help with SEO. I really love how Kristen uses pinterest promote to get a list of keywords from the promoting part and saves it to use for future blog posts. This is only a 7 minute podcast, enjoy it and get as much value as I did. Know I will be trying this one out. Anyone else? Leave a comment below if you are gonna try this pinterest promoting part to get more keywords out?

Pinterest SEO to create blog posts

Just wanted to get this out to you today. Not a big long blog post sorry if that’s what you were looking forward too. I wanted to add to this even but my internet is so bad today had hard time playing a podcast later this afternoon and still now. Just going to get this out and curious who will use this for their SEO and keywords. Let me know in comments below have a good day or night. Stay safe.

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