9 jobs that pay well to read or write if blogging has not paid you yet

We all sit around waiting and wondering when will this blog ever pay off. I write and write and even get the views. I’m not getting paid more than a penny or two. How can I supplement my income to change this. I have bills to pay today. Can I find something online that can pay me for doing what I already do. I read a lot every day researching what I will be blogging about. I write in my blog all the time so where can I get paid to read and write? I have that answer for you here. 6 places that pay you to read and 3 places to write.

writeful book
  1. Writerful Books is a handful of things. Submit your manuscripte, read a manuscripte and even guest posting. It is a all in one for writers and readers and even editors. I seen they only pay an amazon gift card but I did not read that on the site.
  2. Publishers weekly looks like writerful books in many ways. Can send in submissions to books even childrens books and then also read books and review it. Go to submission guideline and apply to be a reviewer.
  3. Online book club is a online book community for book lovers. You can get paid $5 dollars to $60 dollars per review. It is free to sign up
  4. Booklist online is another place to get paid to review books. Head over to the write for us section and apply to be a reviewer.
  5. Wellesley Centers For Woman (wcwonline) go to employment. down to womans review of books and there it tells you what you need to do so you can be a reviewer.
  6. The us review

Let’s jump into the writing side of this post. May only have three of them for you today but with all the research I do, I will stumble upon more I’m sure.

  1. The Readers Digest is the first on this list. My father was always reading the reader digest. I’m not sure if I ever picked it up even once. I never was not too interested in this years ago, now I would not mind taking a look at the articles in this book. They will pay you 100 dollars do a 100 word story. You could possibly be on their page for most favorite sotires or win contests that they run.
  2. This next one is the only series of books that I had actually read the most of. Chicken Soup for the Soul. If you have a true inspirational story of 1,200 words or less send it in. They have a book for every topic you can think of. Teenager soul, caregivers soul, golfers soul, grandparents soul, parents soul. It goes on and on No matter what your story is about there will be a spot here for it. They pay $200 dollar.
  3. The sun magazine is the last one here and you can write poetry or nonfiction. They pay 100-250 for poetry and up to 2000 for a story.
the sun

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