4 Work from home jobs that pay well, with samples for the last job.

The four work from home jobs I have for you today plus I have a couple videos for you to check out also. We all know how hard it is to find jobs that pay well and allow you to work from home. So today I am going to help you with that search with the 4 work from home jobs I have for you and the last one I have a video with a bunch of ideas to help with that job. Let’s dive into this.

I got a video to help with more traffic to your blogs or sites. Know many of us struggle with this one so thought I would start with this video for you.

Respondent is one I had mentioned before on my blog. For those of you who may have missed that post click on the highlighted word and it will take you to the last post. It is a marketing research platform which one person made over 2,000 in a month from. Means so could you. That is a job for some people. You will be asked to provide your opinion on products. After a few days of providing your opinion you will get asked to join the big paying jobs. You could be selected for a 30 minute job and get paid $50-$75 dollars just for that 30 minutes.

validately screenshot

Validately is another research platform like respondent. Here you will be asked to review the design of a website and provide verbal feedback. You can get paid up to $10 dollars for 10 minutes of your time and $40 dollars for 30 minutes. Seems like this pays pretty decent like respondent. I have not signed up for either one of these so you know there is no affiliate links for these or the next site. I just haven’t had time to try any of these sites out. Figure how long I have known about respondent I could have tried by now just haven’t. If any of you have tried either one of these sites I mention let us know in the comments if they are good sites. I look for sites with good reviews and lot of people saying good things on pinterest also. I hope that all I have read are true statements.


Rev is the next one I got for you and this one I have been really wanting to try. I love to type and write even if it is to transcribe. That is what you do for this site is transcribe or write captions for audio. From the time this pin or tiktok was made I see the prices on rev went up. The pinner said that you make $1.10 a minute but on the site it shows you make $1.25 per audio hour. The pinner claimed you make that amount per minute which is not technically true. Even someone commented and said it is per audio hour rates and the comment said $75 dollars per audio hour. That may be more now that the rates have gone up also.

The last one comes with a video to give you ideas and samples of what you can sell. Etsy. do you know you could make a really good passive income. With the likes and reviews one person had they made over 30 thousand dollars off their digital planner they have on etsy. You can make planners and so much more all for free with canva. It has worksheets, planners, templates to make almost any digital product you can think of making. Even the more unique I think that would really sell instead of same things everyone else has on etsy.

This video is from last year but I bet there is still a lot of great ideas you could use in here.

Olsp has a encore of pinterest for traffic 2021: Explode your visitors, email list, audience and sales

Tomorrow 19:00 London Time meet me in the live tomorrow, have a great day or night. Stay safe. This is the best system ever just earn money from one link. No more being a affiliate to multiple programs only need one.

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